Crimson Peak

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Vampire Owl: I believe that we should sell our castle and buy what they call the Crimson Peak. It looks more Gothic than all our bloody rooms combined.

Vampire Bat: We should write a letter to Uncle Dracula concerning this after watching this movie.

Vampire Owl: I believe that it is from the director who can do the Gothic more justice than anybody else.

Vampire Bat: Yes, it is like Guillermo del Toro weaves his magic wand and this genre reaches new heights.

[Gets the tickets with some cheese popcorn].

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From the visionary director Guillermo del Toro, the man who brought us movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim, the latest flick comes in the form of a Gothic Romance Horror called Crimson Peak. It has been one of the most anticipated movies of the year for those who loved the critically acclaimed dark fantasy known as Pan’s Labyrinth. Crimson Peak has also remained a much discussed title among the horror fans. What this movie seemed to try and achieve was to bring the Gothic mystery elements back to the big screen like never before. The trailer also supported the same idea, and so did the costumes and the surroundings featured in it.

The audience is introduced to a little girl who sees the apparition of her mother giving her one warning – beware of Crimson Peak. She grows up with the belief that ghosts are real because she has seen them, and she becomes a beautiful lady who is an aspiring author from Buffalo. This lady, Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) has a desire to show her skill in writing ghost stories even though she is told to write love stories instead. A twist of fate happens when she unexpectedly falls in love with Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) who arrives in the US from England, related to business matters. She marries him against the advice of her people after her father dies, and travels with him beyond the Atlantic Ocean to his lands.

Everything seems to be perfect with love and affection right at the core. But she soon discovers that the man is more than what meets the eye as he has many secrets. With his sister Lady Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain) who seems to share these secrets, there is a very scary side to their world of two. A large crumbling mansion set in the mountainous region in Cumbria will make sure that her trip to the British Isles won’t be as good as she thought it would be. The house seems to warn her and so do the apparitions which make another appearance there, visible only to her. These creatures are new, but her nightmares have only begun, and she will soon know the truth about the siblings, the house and its bloody violent past.

The first thing that you notice related to Crimson Peak is the beauty that you see on screen. It is a wonderful reminder to the Gothic that the viewers have always read about during our childhood. The environment brings the best effects of horror on screen. It is the kind of world which suits horror like never before. As usual, Guillermo del Toro knows how to do the best with the creature design, as each apparition in this movie is unique, and all of them are scary. With the sound effects added and terrifying sequences well shot to magnify the horror, the whole thing becomes an even better experience. Still, the movie is does not fully fall into the horror genre. The costumes are also amazing, nicely contributing to the style of the movie. All of these are a lot worthy enough to be watched on the big screen.

There are a few scenes which need mention, one of them being a murder scene, surprisingly showing the aesthetics in death like never before. With water pouring out of the sink and getting mixed with blood, this simple scene shows what creativity can bring. Yes, there is violence, but with beauty. The elegance of death has been brought to the next level. The appearance of the apparition of the mother also brings something special. The red apparition is also imaginative, and the mansion remains a live thing all the time. The mixture of red clay from under the ground to snow also provides a creepy feeling to a house and the surroundings which are already scary with its architecture and location. All of them are worthy of bringing a big horror sequel to Crimson Peak.

There is a certain magic spell which is created by the movie on the audience with the visual detail; then there is the magic of performances which guides this movie. Tom Hiddleston steals the show with his dialogues and expressions as a character that seems to reflect love and compassion with eyes, but struggles hard to hide the secrets. Jessica Chastain is more like the personification of terror which is waiting to unleash itself, and she does a good job. Mia Wasikowska once again becomes the Alice here, not lost in Wonderland, but in the wasteland of her dreams, nightmares and newly found mansion. She manages her role remarkably well, and the audience can easily connect with her emotions. Charlie Hunnam is underutilized though, with more action set in England with the three characters.

The movie still takes a little bit more time than needed to get into the Gothic mode. Another fact is that more could have been achieved with what has already been done with the marvelous imagination that the director possesses. This is still brilliant, but is just a little short of becoming that perfect Gothic Horror Romance movie. The viewers who enjoy beauty on screen will find it difficult to take their eyes off throughout this movie, and there is a certain emotional impact which will also stay in minds after the movie ends. It is the kind of tale which makes you think, and it also brings the memories of that enchanting beauty into your mind – Guillermo del Toro once again proves that he knows how it should be done.

Release date: 16th October 2015
Running time: 119 minutes
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, Jim Beaver, Emily Coutts, Leslie Hope, Burn Gorman, Laura Waddell


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✠ The Vampire Bat.


35 thoughts on “Crimson Peak

  1. hmmm… you just from a person who was not interested in the movie, scared me, mesmorised me and damn was about to criticize you guys don’t read novels but watch movies for cheap thrills… but I am stumped by the feel of the movie, the scenery, the aparations, this Alice in wonderland girl, the love story but hidden secrets… and the murder!! that water mixed with blood… gosh, gosh… I will love to watch this movie… you know it reminded me of a novel “Portrait of a Women” , it’s classic, there a highly young independent girl carries a really dull fellow with terrible secrets): …she loses her freedom, she opted to stay caged though she had like 3 lovers behind her always… one including her lovely but wheel haired cousin brother(: … trickery…anyway… it was in those days that even in England independent girls were not that common…it was a fantasy for most of the forks but never reached it…things like travel and fun…anyway…great reveiw Teny I am surprised so less readers and commentors for this…its because you do to many reveiws you know… I am wondering about that Amar, Akbar, Anthony how on earth do vampires fancy that old Amitabh Bachan movie… more to say on it… maybe later(:… will check trailor of this one… I want to watch it on theather!!!!… but will buy cd from Library have to wait a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have read The Portrait of a Lady with the independent American woman; can remember some parts. I read it for a seminar in college.
      Yes, less people here are interested in the Gothic.
      There is a new Amar Akbar Anthony; its a Malayalam movie and I have reviewed it 😀


      • hmmm… I wanted to say I attended a literary fest this year… and a guy who writes books on older movies said a movie like Amar Akbar and Anthony cannot be done in today’s era because well India is less tolerant thesedays(: … that’s why got stuck by it… anyway I saw the trailor…lots of blood ji… I told you about a movie called Women in Black where that Harry Potter guy acted, that was good too…. I liked it, it was short as well… lets face it many of things are caused by psychos… in ghost movies psycho element is there… for no apparent reason they trouble innocent forks, that’s the problem with ghosts): of the movies… anyway

        Liked by 1 person

      • It can surely be done in Kerala these days; things can work better with secularism here.
        Yes, Women in Black was a good movie too. Most of the ghosts are psychos, aren’t they? 😀


  2. Yeah if I see movies like insidious, it appears like that only… though some nice ghosts are there in Ghost Buster and Harry the scary ghost…. I don’t know if its better to be a ghost or vampire… some really really really hard vampire movies I saw a video… my God I think ghosts are better…vampires tend to be human like all the time, attracted to human creatures and hard pressed to you know drink blood or love them and the human stupid women generally willing to surrender…chalo I don’t like watching movies I got a cd from Library, its movie called Finding Finey, Hindi movie – Sonam and Nazaridin Shah…will be fun movie to watch

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      • Twilight is nice for me, it is quite decent and weird…also lots of creativity, humour and good vampires… and what history in it!! … I like it… that romance is fine, there is some plot etc, some logic and connections… I was refering to another movie where the focus is total psysical romance and sucking blood… that movie puts all the erotic and blood only… I don’t know which movie it is I just saw a scene which itself is gory and stupid… twilight makes more sense, has some theme, it’s not all romance too and the best gentleman vampire over there… well anyway… I need to get to reading books, I miss it dearly… but I don’t read fiction now only non-fiction, it’s like being on diet, it’s better than watching movies copied from books anyway…


      • That itself is the problem; there are not to be such vampires as long as we give credits to the first few works of the Gothic. What seems to be shown in Twilight are some teenage people having strange affections. It is still too simple and the characters are too childish, always thinking about their small world. Vampires who have lived through centuries must have a lot more in their minds than this. At least vampires make more sense than the leading lady character. It can be considered a success with its application to its fans and different groups of admirers, but not with its vampires and not towards fans of the Gothic/vampire stuff.


      • When a person look from outside, on the positive side, Twilight has morality, loyalty, vampires who are random humans, lack of any scary or violent scene and similar additions – makes it good enough to be watched safely by all generations.


  3. yeah its clean ji… but I am fan of the book not the movie(: … and the book I am telling you loads of humour and danger is there… movie not so good but I don’t mind watching it though none of the charactors can match up to the one’s in the book!! … I am also book fan of Harry Potter, LORT and Hobbit… and out of all the movies I seen after reading book I would say the Hobbit was good, not so much about the rest.

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    • Yes, I have read the books too; not the last one though. Danger – not that much as the usual vampire standards, don’t you think? The second part New Moon was cent percent not for me; yes, both the book and the movie.
      Yes, even in the case of Twilight, the book is better.


      • For a American book, it is pretty clean and different…the concept is unique… If I was a vampire… I know my instincts may take over like that thirst that burns the throat… and I am attracted that even if it is fiction there is a Vampire who can live with that… there is human and emotion and lonely element added to it along with the vampire curse element… I am very romantic if I choose to be and though I refraim from romantic stuff very drawn to romantic stories… the wolf and the history and the Voltari and many stories… the author of the Twilight has shown amazing creativity(: … though I think females may like it more… has bit of every thing… I do appreciate stories that draw pictures of charactor… it says a lot that the author has put thought and passion into it… I am a amatuer story writer too, writen all sorts of stories and love to play with imagination, it’s loads of fun…and I know the challenges these forks face in writing a connecting story…anyway… I really need to read more books…. when I had nothing to do in life I used to read all the time… I remember the time I had reading my first fairytail story for kids I guess… Narnia, then Hobbit and LORT… its incredible takes you to a different world… but I made a rule not to read fiction and fantacy again, I think I will remove it since I waste time watching movies, so what will be wrong to read books again… anyway…


      • It is not unique at all; earlier works like The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned, The Tale of the Body Thief, Memnoch The Devil, The Vampire Armand and Merrick had vampire who didn’t drink blood from humans. Emotions, loneliness and all are there in these novels. I haven’t found anything creative here which was not tried before. The vampires of Anne Rice have explored them all, I would say.
        I feel that whatever we do will be just waste in the end though.


  4. I read only 2 vampire books, one Bram Stokers Dracula and twilight series…so don’t know about so many Dracula stories… will love to read them sometime(: … I son’t know of a vampire who does not drink blood other than the vampires here, the owl and bat…

    Liked by 1 person

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