The Bat History

The Vampire Bat has lived, died and was resurrected multiple times before coming back to life. It is obvious that he had to have that long sleep, because that cycle would continue whenever he was awake, and even when he pretended to sleep, there shall be no relief. The only choice which was left with him was to be resurrected before his next death, and for that he has come up with a number of choices, the most important one being a consistent look into the past which will help his resurrection fast and quicker than his death. Therefore, he started three blogs, one of past, another of present and the third of an impossible future. Movies of the Soul belongs to the present.

DSC00035 copy

The Vampire Bat was forced into the most ridiculous subjects during his childhood. He never found that evil monster “X” which bloody Mathematics asked him to find. Instead he found both the X-Men and X-Files. He later found Vin Diesel and his movie with three of those letters. But the evil Mathematics was not happy with that, and it managed to get the help of the other evil creature which they called Physics; the whole subject of Science was divided into three then, and the most demonic of them was indeed Physics, which cast its shadow on the Vampire Bat. He had to escape from the evil monsters they called Maths and Physics, for which he began an unholy alliance with Chemistry and Biology, the former rewarding him with full marks during his final practical exams, thus making itself a worthy ally, while the latter cheated him with minor setbacks.

The Literature remained his well known friend during the bad times, and he always thought that he was so good in Malayalam and he would score a lot in Hindi, even as English was the more consistent performer during school. The end results told him who was his ally, when English had risen to its highest level in score, rivalled only by the subject which he ignored and yet knew, that they called History, taking the lead against that subject which always reigned supreme in its group of Social Science. But these creepy monsters always wanted to deviate him from his path, as they were so infatuated with the IT and Engineering, and that is one thing which so many demons were forcing poor little bat kids who had no say, to follow the virtual world of disgusting unreality.


Well, the Vampire Bat is past that, and he has reclaimed his rightful throne ornated by creativity rather than devastated by logic. He is here to stay after annihilating whatever evil which had been fed into his mind in the form of creepy terror like Discrete Mathematics, Digital Electronics and many others. He knows nothing of them now, and he is at peace with himself, but as the evil demonic world is considered, he can’t be sure about it, as “evil comes in many forms”, and he chooses not to be an evil overlord to know more about the ways of science.

It was on his journey to being the person of truth that he was, that he started his first blog on wordpress, Travel Diaries: Of this world and beyond, even as his first two blogs were on blogspot on random things which he no longer checks. Travel Diaries started in 2011 and has had a slow progress despite of the quick beginnings. He had started two blogs on fiction, the first one The Crocodile Story and the second one The Palm with 33 Crosses, the former was the adventure of a crocodile knight, Croco D. Apple, and the latter was the story of an unknown protagonist on a journey in the villages and wilderness. Both blogs were shut down in 2012 after about thirty posts in total.

That didn’t end fiction though, as the world was still hopeful, and he came up with The Divine Epic, now sitting strong with enough posts and more of ideas ready. It started just a few months ago, but before that there was Movies of the Soul which started February 2013 and has the most posts, pages, comments, likes, visits and ratings than any other blog he has ever written. Then he realized that this had to be my primary blog.


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