Film-related Essays

Film-related Essays (49):

A list on non-review posts which are related to movies.

Remake Saga: One Remake at a Time
Hitman vs. Transporter: The Clash
Queens of Horror: A Team of Five
Slashers of the New Generation
Vampire Movies: A Collection in Blood
The Purge: A Horrifying Reality
Gone Movies: One from Every Year
Vampire: A Cultural Construct from History
Thrillers: Of the Unknown
Marvel: Ants and Superheroes
Horror Creates a New World
Harthal: A State’s Little Purge
You’re Next: Just the Truth
A Dawn: Of Apes and Humans
Dogville: Hatred for the Other
2015: A Film Award Story
Theatres: Types of People
What Needs to be Remade
Overrated Movies: The Curse
Spawning Better Sequels
Full Defence of Premam
Movies and Quotes for Life
Complete Absence of Thinking
Premam vs Moideen: War for Love
Moments: Of Malayalam Movies
Rani Padmini: More than a Movie
Dileep: The Hero of the Crowd
Rise of a Star: Kunchacko Boban
2015: A few of the New Faces
A Movie which Removed the Wrong Scenes
Mamata Mohandas: Kerala’s Own
Anarkali: Tale of True Love
Malayalam Cinema: Beginning
Tamasha: The Fake Inspiration
Lal: The Actor with a Difference
Vathmeekam with a Special Twist
2015: Favourite Video Songs
The Songs of the Stars
The Impact of a Young Star
Impact of Horror Genre in Life
Guillermo del Toro: Mr. Fantastico
Music Through the Years
The Great Impact of Airlift
Charlie: Impact of the Djinn
Malayalam Movies: A Fantastico List
More From the All-time Fantastic
Fantastico: Right out of Nostalgia
Those Movies and the Special characters
2016: Best of Songs for the Soul
2016: Favourites in Horror Revealed