About Vampire Bat

Welcome to the Vampire Bat’s movie review page. The Vampire Bat has been a legend in reviewing movies for centuries in many ways. He has just awakened from a long sleep lasting decades. Never expect him to review movies from just the human point of view, for he rates and reviews them from beyond the human soul – from the soul of everything that is true and belonging to all worlds. Whatever he thinks and writes about, might not tally with the people of one world of lies and hypocrisy like science, mathematics and sometimes themselves.

The Vampire Bat will not speak about your perspective and kindly don’t expect him to do so, as long as you don’t want your expectations to drown in the river of truth. He prefers to be a loner rather than agree with nonsense. He is good enough to find the exact truth and not follow the lies which has spread around the pseudo-rational world. He knows fate and has drunk thirty seven million cups of tea with him. He has known the Grim Reaper and also his agent whom most of you know as the Raven during the Greco-Persian Wars, a brotherhood which further strengthened during the Babylonian War.

The Vampire Bat is not you and he speaks randomly only about what he finds – not what you hope for in a review. Unworthy movies will not be considered. The intention is to let the world know about the ones which are really worth talking about. The minimum qualification is 50/100 and the presence of a certain point which has intellectually affected the Vampire Bat. The honorary review qualification requires movies with a minimum score of 70/100 and should be not older than the previous year considering how fast the world changes in this artificial environment.  This is certainly not a guide and I don’t intend to force my opinions. Never let others tell you which movie you should watch, for you will never know until you watch that performance.

Contact me at: thyvampirebat@gmail.com OR vampirebat@moviesofthesoul.com if you prefer an e-mail address with my domain name in the end 😀

The Vampire Bat is forever.




21 thoughts on “About Vampire Bat

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  10. Hi Teny… you have one of the best blog sites around. I always wonder how do you get to watch all these movies before hand and how come, you have in depth knowledge of movies in different languages. Just curious! Yours is an amazing blog!

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