Rating & Writing System

Rating System:
*For ratings only (https://moviesofthesoul.com/latest-movie-ratings/)
0-9 : The worst thing
10-19 : Horrible indeed
20-29 : Very bad for sure
30-39 : Bad enough for most
40-49 : Below or almost average
*Reviews begin for movies from 50 points onwards.
50-59 : Average or just above
60-69 : Above average undisputed
*Honorary reviews begin from 70 points onwards.
70-79 : Quite interesting
80-89 : Very good work
90-99 : An excellent choice
100 Pure perfection

Writing System:
*A 7 paragraph format is maintained.
There will always be something about the story, positives and negatives, which would help the readers to come up with an opinion of their own.


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