Blog Awards

Yes, this is not about the movie awards, and I do not have any award to give to the movies other than some space in my blog. You can start from in that case. There are also the yearly reviews and other specific posts or pages.

There have been this many so far, from February 2013 on-wards, that month when I started this blog. They are gifted by the best, and that makes them special. I thank each one of them for the gifts 🙂

I. Very Inspiring Blogger Award I from Simon

II. Very Inspiring Blogger Award II from Donicia

III. The Liebster Blogger Award I from Vinnieh

IV. The Liebster Blogger Award II from Simon (2)

V. The Versatile Blogger Award I from Deodatta

VI. The Reader Appreciation Award I from Barbara

VII. The Reader Appreciation Award II from Jake

VIII. The Liebster Blogger Award III from Namrata

IX. XxtraOrdinary Blogger Award I from Maryam

X. The Versatile Blogger Award II from Kiran

XI. The Versatile Blogger Award III from Preethi

XII. Sunshine Blogger Award I from V

XIII. Blog of the Year Award I from Maryam (2)

XIV. Shine On Blogger Award I from Maryam (3)

XV. Sunshine Blogger Award II from Namrata (2)

XVI. The Liebster Blogger Award IV from Damian

XVII. The Readership Blogger Award I from Risty

XVIII. The Versatile Blogger Award IV from Risty (2)

XIX. Very Inspiring Blogger Award III from Christine

XX. Very Inspiring Blogger Award IV from Kokila

XXI. The Liebster Blogger Award V from Risty (3)

XXII. Very Inspiring Blogger Award V from Gowthama

XXIII. The Versatile Blogger Award V from Uttpal

XXIV. The Dragon Loyalty Award I from Ashish

XXV. The Premio Dardos Award I from Ashish (2)

XXVI: The Liebster Blogger Award VI from Sherise

XXVII: Sunshine Blogger Award III from Ritu

XXVIII: The Liebster Blogger Award VII from Mahak


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