XxtraOrdinary Blogger Award I


Thanks to Maryam Jamil (http://entertainmentstarters.wordpress.com) for this award.


The rules for the acceptance of this award are:
1)Link back the person who awarded you
2)Write what you think about me.
3)What is your favorite book?
4)If you got a chance to be the president of your country so what changes will you bring?
5)Tell about your nature.

2. One of the blogs which I came across by accident, but some good thought right there.

3. Paradise Lost by John Milton.

4. I don’t think that he makes changes in our country.

5. Being recluse.

Not having nominations this time as not asked to. You can still go through my other blogs 😀
theviator.wordpress.com & divineepic.wordpress.com

Comments are moderated. My place, my rules. Be nice.

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