The Liebster Blogger Award VII

Thanks to Mahak Saluja for this wonderful award 🙂 at


As per the rules here is me answering 11 questions:

What is your dream summer vacation?

That should be in the Dracula Castle and nearby places.

Describe yourself in one word.

Nothing to be done about me!

What inspired you to create a blog?

I would believe that there was the need to let know that I am alive.

If given a chance to be invisible, what would you do?

I would shift to a cemetery and stay there.

Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

At exactly the same place as it is now.

Is there any dream still left to be fulfilled? What is it?

I have stopped dreaming until further notice.

Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?

Yes, I know a lot of people with no skill and all luck.

Your biggest obsession?

Tea and the need to read and watch movies.

What do you hate the most?

Hypocritical and hyper-critical people.

Which cartoon character would you choose to describe your personality?

Cartoons have gone beyond me, by a long way.

Who is the best author in your opinion and why?

There is no best author, if you ask me – there are just people writing and others reading.

The 11 people to be nominated:

Here is my list of 11 questions: 

How do you think that the world should end?

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Which is your dream gadget?

Have you visited my fiction blog, The Divine Epic?

Do you prefer cricket, football or tennis?

Do you prefer the beach or the hills?

Which is your favourite city ever?

Which genre would you prefer for a weekend movie?

Which is your favourite sports team from anywhere?

Which would you choose from between a book and a movie?

Which is your favourite movie from Oscar nominations this year?

Keep blogging!!!