The Versatile Blogger Award I

I would like to thank the inspirational blog Deo Volente and its author Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate ( for nominating me for multiple awards, among which I have chosen The Versatile Blogger Award as my favourite, for it not only has a wonderful literary description, but also a great beauty in itself in appearance.

The Versatile Blogger Award.

Even as this one didn’t come with any requirements, I would still share a few facts, this time not about me, but about my blog

Facts about the blogs:

1. This blog began in February 2013, and is my first blog to cross 10,000 hits overtaking the Travel Diaries blog which began in 2011.
2. The first title I had chosen for this blog was “My Soul’s Own Movies”.
3. My Travel Diaries blog was a result of people asking me for more detail when I put my travel photos in Facebook.
4. My third blog, The Divine Epic is inspired from too many books and movies with a central idea which is still in development.
5. The first identity I planned for this blog was not of a Vampire Bat, but of the Grim Reaper’s twin.
6. This blog’s game and WWE additions were not planned before.
7. Movies of the Soul is the result of myself putting short reviews in Facebook status and finding them not enough.
8. The idea of Honorary reviews was mostly for keeping the blog going during the times when I am busy.
9. My first blog was at and was named “Sacred Destiny”.
10. To concentrate on this blog, I have restricted the other two to one posts per month.
11. Even though hesitant at first, I no longer use blogspot and consider wordpress as the much better choice.

Meanwhile, The Divine Epic can use a few readers, if you are willing. (

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