Veronica Mars


Vampire Owl :: So there is someone called Veronica from Mars? Who is she?

Vampire Bat :: Veronica is not from Mars, but Neptune.

Vampire Owl :: This is really confusing. Is she an alien among the humans? We are not familiar with alien tactics.

Vampire Bat :: The movie is about the lady called Veronica Mars from the fictional American town of Neptune.

Vampire Owl :: That solves a lot of problems. I felt that she was so pretty that she should be from Venus.

Vampire Bat :: I believe that you are too sleepy right now to get into a talk about this movie which is a continuation of a television series with the same name.

Vampire Owl :: Nobody knows about this television series around here. How come you know about it?

Vampire Bat :: I don’t know about it either. But it was positively received by the critics and the audience in its world from what we know about the series.

Vampire Owl :: That feels good because this way, we just have similar kind of information.

Vampire Bat :: We missed an interesting television series, but that is not the case of the movie!

[Gets a cup of tea].

About Veronica Mars and Neptune :: Veronica Mars was a television series which had its run during the years 2004 and 2007, having three seasons of existence. Veronica Mars played by Kristen Bell is a teenage student who helps her private detective father in solving a number of cases. Working as a private investigator along with her usual studies, Veronica solves a number of cases, and goes on to bring more and more mysteries to light. With the story first focusing on the murder of the protagonist’s best friend Lilly Kane, she deals with more cases which follows. Created by Rob Thomas, the whole thing takes place in the fictional town of Neptune in California. The movie’s story begins nine years after the incidents of the television series’ third season.

What is it about? :: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is no longer at Neptune, as she has moved to New York City, and while having a relationship with Stosh Piznarski (Chris Lowell) is looking forward to be a part of the famous law firm Truman-Mann and Associates. One day, she is contacted by her former boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). He is accused of murdering his girlfriend Carrie Bishop (Andrea Estella), who had studied in the same school and was known by the name Bonnie DeVille as a popular musician. He wants her to choose the right lawyer for him. Veronica returns to Neptune to find it more corrupt than ever. She decides to help Logan a little more than just finding him the right lawyer, as she meets her old friends and acquaintances there.

The defence of Veronica Mars :: There is something simple and yet twisted about Veronica Mars. Its run is very smooth compared to the usual investigative thrillers which got its big moments; instead this movie maintains a run with no variations. There is a certain amount of variety in the way in which the movie delivers, and it is something unexpected for those who haven’t watched the television series, I believe. This variety in its simplicity is something which Veronica Mars can be proud about. There is also the presence of some nice humour which runs through this movie. There is entertainment guaranteed with this one, even without much knowledge about the background story of Veronica. You will feel that there is something so interesting about this character that you might ask for a sequel to better this one!

The Claws of Flaw :: Veronica Mars is not the regular story of investigation, and it might not suit everyone. The big thrilling moments and the great twist go missing here. The story that goes through had scope for more than what we have managed to see here. A highly thrilling investigation is replaced by something light-hearted and achieved with ease – may be it is the mode which is expected of this movie by the fans of the television series. The other characters also pale in comparison to the main character Veronica. The people who haven’t watched the television series might wants adjustments here and there, and they contribute to most of the viewership around here. The movie is also somewhat slow in the beginning. There are also some immature moments at parts some being too light, but I would guess that this is was never supposed to be a dark, horrifying, twisted hunt for a murderer!

Performers of the soul :: I am sure that most of the audience might know Kristen Bell more as Anna, the elder sister in the Academy Award winning highest grossing animated movie of all time, Frozen – a role which she retained in the short film sequel, Frozen Fever. Otherwise, she remains mostly unknown in this part of the world, but if one watches this movie, she will be remembered well and for long for her fine, energetic performance as Veronica. So many years after the series, she has played this character to something close to perfection, and has made the non-fans fall in love. The rest of the cast also nicely plays their role, and most of the performance department works within the movie. But everyone surely pales in front of Kristen Bell and her main character, as she remains the one show stealer from the beginning to the end.

How it finishes :: Veronica Mars should appeal to those who have watched the television series as well as those who didn’t, depending on the tastes. But don’t expect a full investigative thriller here as it is more of mystery drama with some comedy. The problem is that people get that idea with the synopsis. But Veronica Mars needs to be watched as what it is and it will be an enjoyable flick. There are also some nice and interesting dialogues which will surprise you. May be, things will get better if we can watch the television series and then go through this movie. From what I have seen, I would say that Veronica Mars deserves more attention than what it has managed in this part of the world. The television series seems to be something we shouldn’t have missed! Well, you don’t get many movies with an actress in the lead as a responsible, determined and intelligent private detective, do you?

Release date: 14th March 2014
Running time: 107 minutes
Directed by: Rob Thomas
Starring: Kristen Bell, Krysten Ritter, Jason Dohring, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino, Enrico Colantoni, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lakin, Lisa Thornhill, Andrea Estella, Amanda Noret, Kevin Sheridan, Jonathan Chesner, Duane Daniels, Sam Huntington, Daran Norris, Max Greenfield, Ken Marino, Martin Starr


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