Vampire Owl: So, have you watched the Unbreakable film series? Vampire Bat: I have heard that it is better known as the Eastrail 177 Trilogy. Vampire Owl: I am sure that nobody has really heard about this fanchise having such a strange and complex name. Vampire Bat: I have watched Split, which was a very … More Glass


Vampire Owl: Sometimes, I feel that I am more than one person. Vampire Bat: Due to you being unable to keep your promises, we have all felt the same on one day or the other. Vampire Owl: You are taking this the negative way. Vampire Bat: I remember you telling us that you were not … More Split

The Visit

Vampire Owl :: That reminds me that we haven’t visited Uncle Dracula for a long time. Vampire Bat :: We are not supposed to do that before submitting a report about The Conjuring 2. Vampire Owl :: Well, at least we can add new movies to the list of flicks we have watched. Vampire Bat … More The Visit