See No Evil 2

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Vampire Owl :: I feel that we shouldn’t watch this movie.

Vampire Bat :: Why? You didn’t like the first movie?

Vampire Owl :: No, not that; even if we tell others that we see See No Evil, we actually see the evil which is committed on the screen, but it should be about seeing no evil. So, it implies that we are lying. You will be writing about this movie. So, if you write that you saw See No Evil, that means that you saw all the evil deeds on the screen and in the end, it means that you saw evil instead of not seeing the evil. That is a lie. Vampires don’t lie.

Vampire Bat :: I don’t get this see-saw evil. What are you talking about?

Vampire Owl :: I am saying that this movie asks us not to watch it, and it is a fact.

Vampire Bat :: I don’t really think that you should create a complicated issue out of a horror slasher movie and its title.

Vampire Owl :: How can you say that? I demand the right to use my owlish brain.

Vampire Bat :: Why does it never work when needed?

Vampire Owl :: I can’t help it. I am an evil genius and my needs are different.

Vampire Bat :: So, it is true that the branch of a tree fell on your head?

[A few minutes of silence].

What is it about? :: Amy (Danielle Harris), Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and Holden (Michael Eklund) are working at a morgue late night. As it is Amy’s birthday and with her getting ready to leave, they get to know that the bodies of nine victims of a murderer are being brought, along with that of the killer, Jacob Goodnight (Kane); and she decides to stay and help them instead of going for a party. Due to her absence, her friends Tamara (Katharine Isabelle), Kayla (Chelan Simmons) and Carter (Lee Majdoub) sneak in to celebrate her birthday along with her brother Will (Greyston Holt) as they begin a party in the morgue. But what will they do when they find out that the killer is alive and is killing one after the other?

The defence of See No Evil 2 :: Coming from the Soska sisters Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska who came up with the movie American Mary in 2012, this is a sure improvement from there – that movie itself had some nice elements, but none that effective. They have also starred in the nice beginning credit scenes as corpses. There is nice treatment of this regular slasher movie which makes it rise above the ordinary. See No Evil 2 is surely going to be something of interest for the WWE fans. There is Kane doing what he has done in WWE for a long time; there is total devastation as he used to do with his opponenets. Jacob Goodnight is sure to become a character to be remembered for a long time, and the setting and the style only adds to the overall terror quality of the movie. The elements of fear nicely focuses on the killer and the environment. It is good fun with thrills.

The claws of flaw :: There are things that go on without reaching anywhere, with the attraction between the co-workers and the brother-sister relationship being just two of them. The return of the villain doesn’t have any explanations, as we can’t stop feeling that it is just an attempt to make things work once again with the same character and the actor. There is a certain supernatural feeling about the character with surely damages things. The flashbacks which go back to the first movie only makes things too strange and less interesting to follow as they break the continuity of the story. The horror elements never really go above a certain limit which has been set by the inability to do anything special. The killings are nothing beyond the ordinary, and the ending is just something which could have been better planned.

Performers of the soul :: Glenn Thomas Jacobs whom we know as the WWE wrestler Kane remains the biggest asset of this movie, and it surely was a good idea to bring the character back for him, as he seems to do this role with certain ease. Working as the brother of The Undertaker and being part of The Brothers of Destruction was a job too good with the mask, and this one has him returning with another mask. Danielle Harris is one of those scream queens who has been there in horror movies doing similar roles for a very long time, mostly related to two movies of Hatchet series and four belonging to the Halloween franchise, and the list doesn’t end there. She is right there with the role, but it is Katharine Isabelle, the other queen of horror who steals the show – the one from Ginger Snaps franchise and American Mary, not easily recognizable in this new style, but this is a different character for her as she adds humour and fun to this movie.

How it finishes :: With some fun and scares here and there, this one is a sure improvement from the first movie. The environment, the leading character and the two leading ladies are those factors which make sure that this works better than the previous movie. We have had some interesing killers including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Victor Crowley; so Jacob Goodnight will only add nicely to that list which has the stranger names like Rusty Nail and Chrome Skull. There is one certain thing about this franchise, and it is that the whole thing has managed to move away from the weaknesses of the first movie. See No Evil 2 works, and how much it works is dependent on the taste.

[After watching the movie].

Vampire Owl :: I think that we should follow the pattern.

Vampire Bat :: What pattern?

Vampire Owl :: This one tells us how to establish a base at the morgue. Why didn’t we ever thing about it?

Vampire Bat :: I am currently thinking that this is better than the predecessor.

Vampire Owl :: Yes, that is established already. What about the pattern?

Vampire Bat :: I don’t think that we should establish new vampire bases without permission from Uncle Dracula.

Vampire Owl :: Yes, the permission has to be taken, but this is one place where we can establish the base without further trouble.

Vampire Bat :: You don’t think that the current cemetery bases will be enough?

Vampire Owl :: No, there is something big coming. I can feel it. We need the morgue.

Vampire Bat :: It is Insidious: Chapter 3. Just make sure that you watch it.

Release date: 21st October 2014
Running time: 90 minutes
Directed by: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Starring: Kane, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle, Chelan Simmons, Michael Eklund, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Greyston Holt, Lee Majdoub, Sylvia Soska, Jen Soska


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✠ The Vampire Bat.


42 thoughts on “See No Evil 2

  1. Kane’s name is Glenn Jacobs na? That is one of the name imprinted in my mind from my childhood. He used to be my fav wrestler then until he removed his mask and ruined it all 🙂

    I did watch the first part and it was not that great. Same repetition, right?

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  2. I saw Insidious 2 finally… and will watch insidious 3 soon… actually more than the spirits or ghosts it was evil that was scary…ghost beating little baby and mother afraid for the baby… and those psychotiic people turning into evil spirits(: was entertaining for sure… very few horror movies that make the cut for sure…but unnatural sound effects…my favorite part is all the spirits were crying and Josh’s spirit was too, he tried to reach his wife playing the piano(: nice… and then connection with the first part…the adult Josh going back in time to ask kid Josh(: about ghost where she stays…and the spirits that Josh of the first part does not know, that his spirit in future is trying to save the baby… phew… evil in the world is real and we are struggling fighting it and there are good spirits to help us too…nice as a thriller movie than a ghost movie… will watch insidious 3 soon!!!… but nothing can beat the excitment of the first one, try as hard as you may…

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    • Yes, you have watched the best already! The third movie is a prequel, and so the connection has to go back 🙂
      Evil in the world is so real; more real than the goodness which is more difficult to find…


  3. I disagree(: if we look at the world with goodness or without bias we will encouter goodness… I saw Insidious 3… actually not scary a tall and Elsie looks way oolder than she looked in previous episodes… but fear is real and fighting the fear is a good approach we all need to inculcate(: … thing is after a while we get bored or angry, with people, like they don’t understand us…like teenagers with parents and have rift and forget the connection of love and such things…that is the problem with the world, inconsistency, fantacy, expectations and a loneliness that makes everyone a craky child…worst misunderstandings… we forget that our goal is to have a good time with each other…it is just sad sad sad…anyway(:… I think when one bes less judgemental and more patient, everything even those spirits would be less angry… in insidious 2 it was a thriller..I saw facets of psycho as well… mother and son creepy stuff…I think they could have made it creepier…what scared me was the evil madness not the ghost, and this evil madness is very real…for ex, I can’t imagine that lady hit the baby, slapped… or Josh called for help in the piano and wife does not understand it…these subtle things have charm in the movie… also those two useless creature, camera guys who do nothing but fear ghosts…how they came in prequel was fun(: goodday

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    • If I find enough goodness to talk about, I will write about it 😀 Chaos is real, and it is just waiting to happen. People and ghosts are not so different in the end, and both are real enough in one way or the other.


  4. hmmm…people are living ghosts are dead…and those movie ghosts have been dark people around(: … I don’t know in my city of Bangalore, I have witnessed several times, someone helping a blind man cross the road, once I did it myself because someone requested me to… I think that is goodness(: … they should make a story about goodness too and call it nicesidious, I will Love that…horror is fun but why not make something pleasant and sweet…anyway

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    • People who hesitate to help are more, and even people who do the random acts of kindness won’t be the same throughout their life – experience changes them all; the influence of the terrible which is rather more than goodness has the effects on everyone and finally wins.


  5. So I guess, you don’t like fairytails(: only dark stuff… well it depends… but there will be handful of people who do good…we read news everyday and I have come across good news too…think about how the world has changed in social norms, it was due to the guys who want to do good rather do good whatever it takes… atleast I have seen volunteers last year teaching kids at weekends even though they are busy, lots of pure stuff, volunteers taking kids around to events, keeping them safe and being responsible… so I believe in the good a lot, it has the power to light up the dark and vanquish it…anyway…it depends on the society you come into contact to…that is why community is cool thing, community help each other out, be it NGO, or someother activity… it is impossible to become selfish once involved, because it gives happiness, doing good stuff or helping, one gets restless and feels incomplete without it… that is my view…ofcourse world is unfair for lot of people who get cynical but there is lot of good still… anyway…have you seen chrismas carol…I liked that movie a lot(: Jim Carey…

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    • I like Cinderella, Rapunzel and many others, but I know that they are lies. I read news everyday, but I don’t find anything good in it. There is corruption, murder, robbery, hatred and everything else along with a lot of attention towards celebrities for no reason.
      Even MSW degree is a means to money and not service these days, and I have no hope. I would like to have something in my life which changes that perspective, but there is none.
      Yes, I have watched, and liked the movie 🙂


  6. hmmm… I hope too that nice thing to change your view happens to your life…goodday… last year there was news of someone dieing Bangalore I think but that heart was delivered to someone in Chennai and that person survived… lots of inspiring news(: I will give you one , Rajdeep Malwani… and check out in youtube about a lion called christy … shows goodness… rajdeep’s story is inspiring you can google him…

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    • Is that the incident on which Traffic movies is based? I don’t doubt the ability of people to do their duty. People are able, and sometimes it works…
      I am not thinking about what happens in the medical field, I am bothered about what one human will do to the other in neutrality.


  7. Maybe…but there was something about another giving their heart for the other even if it was done because that person was brain dead… anyway we both angre there is good and evil in the world, only you think good is very less… depends on perception(: it may change and vary… you should see that christy lion story, the second link I gave you, I think you would like the story…it is different(:

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    • I don’t distrust the animals; I am doubtful about the humans only 🙂
      Yes, I am hoping for the same to change – may be I am at the wrong place right now 🙂


  8. Well…you can’t trust tigers and lions for sure(:… last year outside my flat I found a bed and vessel. It was for a dog which was coming limping with 3 legs… it’s story is that dog got some accident in Kerela and was bleeding, some forks in my flat living there brought that dog to Bangalore, operated it so it has one of its leg amputated… after that they put that dog out the flat, gave it bed, food, water wven the watchmen cared for it… that dog was doing well too…staying out, hopping living a happy life…few months back some cycle hit it and it got spine fracture, leg fracture all that, only 1 limb was good. Then that lady who takes care of it, had it operated. It began raining here that time she carried the dog home but it was difficult to keep it home coz that dog howls if it is not outdoors… one day it was raining that dog was trying to get in and fractured all it’s body…that lady said that they have to take that dog’s life away with injection because it will suffer more pain and injuries if left out and inside it cannot stay as it will howl…she was quite upset): … it was a pretty dog, very well behaved, brave and liked if it was stoked… so somehow it is combination of all…perhaps nothing is permanent or real… encounters of all kinds(:

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    • Well, dogs are the next most popular creatures in India after cattle; I am glad that at least someone or something is getting a fine treatment in this world 🙂


  9. hmmm…good I was AAP believer than after Arvind Kejriwal’s atics became neutral, glad though Modi won, better than available options… the PM speaks so well, impressed by his speaking and connecting but thats all there is to it…ofcourse depends on what he does ultimately(: rather than his speeches

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    • Politicians are good at their speeches; a lot of people are. But in the end, everyone turns out to be the disappointment. The best that we get turns out to be of a lower level, but we end up wondering if it is what we deserve – at least don’t we need better?
      I would choose people who talk less and act more, but politicians thrive on speaking.


  10. ha…ha… I had a crush on Rahul Gandhi long back just because he was handsome and he is so useless now…then thought Arvind is inspiring with that no corruption drive and now Modi…I think under Modi we are better off…I disagree again, the general masses got what they opted for since they are, lazy uninvolved forks who don’t vote, don’t raise their voice, not active and in return they got those forks… in the long run things are changing though… there have been lot of exposure of cases and some deaths of honest forks like Ravi in Karnataka… lots of protests from the masses… to a extent masses want change, and I see a revolution… we will get at it…and world will be happier place for everyone. You know I don’t watch movies because I feel they don’t make it as a productive thing that is educative and all…but to satisfy the tastes of the masses(:…cynical in that…but I guess there are good movies around… anything that involves masses is complicated and politics is a product of mass voting and non-voting…that is why curruption. But though I am no fan of Modi, he has good ideas and vision it would help…I am sure your no fan of Amir Khan’s Sathyameyajaythe then, it has transformed lot of masses giving them good messages… I just can’t deal with politics…economics yes, its just skewed people and too far from that world anyway

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    • There are plenty of Malayalam movies which give the positive messages, and I appreciate that even though I don’t agree to the presence of that goodness most of the time.
      The feel-good movies have been plenty in Malayalam, and the messages which were given in Sathyameva Jayathe were given very long ago. But people don’t listen, and even if they pretend to do the same right now, they won’t do it.


  11. Not really… Amir Khan put that Satyameyajaythe on web, TV, Radio for maximum reach and it is widely talked about and I have heard lot of callers telling they got insight and told how things changed their lives. You such for the good to come out, people need pushing… and sometimes with that pushing some momemtum comes in their good doing…

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    • May be there are a few people around, but none that I know about. I would listen to a common man speaking rather than a celebrity because I know that any common citizen knows the fellow citizens better.


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