wrecker (2)

Vampire Owl :: Do you know that we are appointing a new group called the wreckers for the vampire army?

Vampire Bat :: I don’t know about that, but we are surely going to watch this movie.

Vampire Owl :: The poster does remind me of Joy Ride and its sequels.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, that was what came to my mind the first time.

Vampire Owl :: I liked that series, right up-to the final movie.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, and the big trucks haunting people on deserted roads always make some impact.

Vampire Owl :: They are like the most convenient areas for serial killers.

Vampire Bat :: Well, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

Vampire Owl :: So, another human serial killer movie for today.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, another one from their long list of bad people.

[Gets some tea with tapioca chips].

What is it about? :: Best friends Emily (Anna Hutchison) and Leslie (Andrea Whitburn) are on a road trip, as the former doubts her boyfriend of cheating and has taken a break. As they go on on a joy ride, they decide to take a short-cut which seems to be rather less traveled. During their journey, they come across a tow-truck which doesn’t let them pass. When they do, it is behind them, and later it overtakes them just to keep wandering around their car. It almost makes them hit another car, and continues to torment them throughout their journey. Providing them with no relief, the truck is always around them, and nothing seems to let it go away. As they stop to have food, they see the truck there too, and try to identify the driver, but ends up being angry at the wrong person.

So, how do things go from there and is there a chance for escape? :: They find out that the man giving them the chase is someone else, but they never get to see him. But they continues to travel as the truck has gone long past them. Well, things only get much worse from there, as it is no longer about being chased – everything gets rather direct then. As their car losses one of its tyres, they are forced to run and they separate from each other. The car doesn’t have much of fuel, and only Emily gets back to the vehicle, with no sign of her friend around. A police officer who is found on the way also gets run over the the truck. There seems to be no hope left as the truck driver seems to know the road so well, and is ready to pounce at anyone anywhere. The only chance here might be to get off the road, or is it?

The defence of Wrecker :: There are thrills in abundance in this movie, as most of the movie is focused on the road; there is no time for drama as things only get quicker and the situations become more life-threatening. The truck idea is something that will always work – I recently saw one strange long-haired person on the road riding a modified bike and showing his middle finger to the buses; it is the kind of person whom we wish a psychopath trucker should take to make the society better; those times when we think that serial killers are needed. With Joy Ride‘s Rusty Nail whom we consider among the top killers in a thriller-horror, the scope of such a character has only increased, and Wrecker does make some good use of that. The truck shots are well-utilized, and there are some nice moments here with the vehicle. The movie is kept short too.

Claws of flaw :: This movie could have done a lot better in using this already successful idea – the scope was even more for sure. This could have been more entertaining with horror taking the main stage – a lot more of the scares were possible with a psychopath trucker in the pockets. A bigger story could have also been in store, and a legend could have been easily brought on this. The whole thing needed a better touch in making things more interesting. There could have been a big psycho killer in store here who could make things better in the sequel – the chance is left there in the end! A better thrilling finish could have done this movie a lot of good too. Andrea Whitburn leaves the action a little too early. The destruction which shown to be committed by the truck is also a little too low; the killer also remains too unknown.

Performers of the soul :: The movie clearly depends on Anna Hutchison to make it work better than it really is. She does a very good job here with the same. She is good with this, as we had seen her in The Cabin in the Woods. Most of us would also remember her from Spartacus: War of the Damned – she plays the main character here, and the focus is all on her, which makes sure that the movie gets better. Andrea Whitburn plays more of the supporting role, as there is a lot of time when we don’t get to see her at all. The supporting cast doesn’t really get to do much, and we never really get to see the face of the driver who goes on rampage – so, except for a few people who show their faces and say some dialogues, the whole thing is left to Anna Hutchison and Andrea Whitburn.

How it finishes :: The movie seems to have a lot of similarities with the 1971 flick, Duel; Joy Ride and its two sequels are also quite similar. I have loved the three movies belonging to the Joy Ride franchise, from the Paul Walker and Venna Wilcox Leelee Sobieski starrer to the last one which released in 2014. Wrecker doesn’t go that much of a different way compared to these movies. If I had to choose between Joy Ride and Wrecker, I would choose the former though, as Rusty Nail is already one of the most interesting serial killers around, and the entertainment factor was also high with those movies. But Anna Hutchison is the one person who makes the difference for this movie, and this one also goes somewhat a different way in its treatment – and is surely slower.

Release date: 6th November 2015
Running time: 83 minutes
Directed by: Micheal Bafaro
Starring: Anna Hutchison, Andrea Whitburn, Jennifer Koenig, Don Knodel, Michael Dickson, Ashley Evans, Lori Watt, Kurtis Maguire, Dave Blattler, Celia Reid, Andy Nez, Emily Schutz, Riley Schutz, Dylan Rhymer, Kurt Harder


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