2015 in Review

Happy New Year, everyone. This is the annual review summary time! Here are my choices for the year, the movies which make it the list with the positive and negative elements for the year 2015. This is going to be the list with most of it having the sideĀ you won’t be able to agree with šŸ˜›


Best Malayalam Movie: Mili
This is one of the first movies which I watched in 2015, and it is also the only movie in the year which I watched twice – a fineĀ inspirational story starring Amala Paul playing an introvert girl as the protagonist. Click here for review.

Best Hindi Movie: Baby
There is absolutely no doubt about this one, and this one actually made me expect more from Bollywood this year, but that was not to happen. I should have watched this Akshay Kumar starrer more number of times. Click hereĀ for review.

Best English Movie: American Sniper
This one released here later, and so happens to be part of the best movies list for this year – it is not a 2014 movie for the regular viewer; I would make that clear. I believe that this movie deserved a better appreciation at the Academy Awards. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Action Movie: MI5: Rogue Nation
The Tom Cruise starrer, the fifth movie of the franchise always had a big chance to be the best action flick of the year, and from what I have heard and read, I am sure that a lot of people can easily agree on this choice. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Horror Movie: Crimson Peak
Not really the usual horror of these days, this one brings some old fashioned horror and uses its surroundings to the best effect. There is something more than just supernatural about the ghosts of this Guillermo del Toro movie. It is also a contendor for the next award. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Comedy Movie: Adi Kapyare Kootamani
The best comedy entertainer managed to arrive in the last few days of the year, and this Christmas release was the one which made sure that the fans had a lot to enjoy and be happy about. The best thing is that it will also have a second part. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Visual Experience: Jupiter Ascending
The world of Jupiter Ascending is the kind of universe which we feel the need to go right from the moment we see it in the trailer. It also has a story which can be further developed with even more visual splendour if a sequel ever manages to come up. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Thrills: Ex Machina
There has been a shortage of good thrillers this year, but Ex Machina which is one of the best flicks of the year is a slow and steady thriller-drama science-fiction which burns making you think, and makes us feel the intensity throughout its run-time. Click hereĀ for review.

Big Surprise: Mumbai Taxi
You can’t claim this one to be something huge, but with a group of new faces, this thriller has managed to create an impact unexpected. This didn’t go on to make it big, but is still worth the position for the genuine attempt without the big stars. Click hereĀ for review.

Righteous One: My God
This one successfully takes the righteous path, even though it didn’t do that well as people might have expected. With Suresh Gopi doing what he does the best, I believe that this inspirational movie will do better when it comes on the television. Click hereĀ for review.

Magical Movie: Charlie
With some magic in the store related to how its titular character as well as the journey is presented, this Dulquer-Parvathy is the movie which finishes the year with some special feeling for the season of Christmas. Click hereĀ for review.

Powerful Experience: Rani Padmini
This Manju Warrier – Rima Kallingal starrerĀ brings the message and inspires its viewers quite a lot. Among the movies which needs to be watched for a wide variety of things, this one with two lady protagonists going on a journey, is a must watch. Click hereĀ for review.

Game Changer: Kunjiramayanam
This one was supposed to be the movie with the least star power during the Onam season, but ended up as being the one which gathered the best opinion, with the number of shows only increasing as time progressed. This movie surely knew its audienceĀ Click hereĀ for review.

True Inspiration: Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam
Jayasurya has made some nice choices of movies and this is undoubtedly one of them. Telling the story of one man who rises above his limitations, there are surely no better inspirational movies during these days which are applicable as widely as this flick. Click here for review.

Personal Favourite: Avengers: Age of Ultron
I have been waiting for this movie for a very long time, and I consider this one better than its predecessor which is often overrated; it also has that kind of a villain and the thrills which makes it completely worth the one hundred rupees ticket. Click hereĀ for review.

Best Love Story: Anarkali
Unlike the other movies which have been forced on the viewers by the blind fans who want everyone to agree with them even before watching the movie, this one is one of the best love stories which have released for a very long time, and is supported by great visuals. Click hereĀ for review.

Unnoticed One: Love 24×7
Unlike the other movies of Dileep, this one got surprisingly very less amount of attention, and not much of the audience interested in it. It is not something huge, but it is an interesting flick which should have got better collections at that time. Click hereĀ for review.

Worst Malayalam movie: Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare
Rimi Tomy had decided to act, but that was as much a wrong decision from her as Jayaram made the decision to be part of this movie which is not funny and it never even gets close to making people laugh. From the beginning to the end, this movie continues to have something which nobody can call comedy.

Worst Hindi Movie: Tamasha
Beginning with the usual “girl meets boy and the sing songs and have sex” story, this one has a journey from France to Japan through India, and in the middle, there is an idea which is presented in the worst possible way. This is one of those situations were I walked out of an almost empty theatre and I was not surprised.

Worst English Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Here is one movie that believes violence is the only way to make things funny, but there is absolutely no fun in this movie which had the audience throwing all the abuse towards the makers, and this time, I couldn’t really blame them. There are many ways to make a good, funny spy movie, and this one surely isn’t the right way.

Most Undeserving Hit: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
I was really surprised about this movie’s run. This felt so outdated, and I am sure that even a lot of old vampires will feel the same about the movie. It was the fourth highest grossing Bollywood movie of all-time, and was still going when I last looked at the list. No, I haven’t watched Dilwale, if you are going to claim that for this title.

Worst Drift: Jilebi
Absolutely no focus on delivering what it really promised, this Jayasurya starrer completely deviates from what it promised offer. There is no real feel-good factor about this, and the message also takes a flight to the Bermuda Triangle to meet its end, making the movie with nothing. It is depressing, because the chance was there; but not taken.

Worst Drag: Shaandaar
As it keeps dragging more and more without bringing anything positive, the movie has nothing that invokes interest except for its silliness which is beyond the borders of the known world, and the only thing that it can boast about is about being one of the dumbest movies around. Thankfully, this one cost me only fourty rupees; that kept me from being depressed.

Worst Emptiness: Rudra Simhasanam
Supposed to be a horror movie with some black magic, this one is another movie in which Suresh Gopi shouldn’t have acted in, as the main role goes to Nikki Galrani with her worst performance ever in a Malayalam movie; she can be happy that not many people watched this. The movie has stylish sets, but everything else is empty, making this the great empty flick of the year.

Worst Lie: Mariyam Mukku
With the whole story based on something that doesn’t really happen, the ending seems to say otherwise. With not knowing what is truth and what is lie throughout its run, this movie along with a heavy dose of boredom makes its cast also part of the whole thing. This was the first Malayalam movie which I watched in the year, and sadly it failed, ruining the beginning.

Worst Stupidity: Utopiayile Rajavu
A fine source of irritation comes in the form of this movie which maintains its stupidity as Jewel Mary has a terrible debut because this one released before her critically acclaimed flick. This one was claiming to be a satire, but it is never even close to being that, and the magic realism is used in the worst possible way to make the movie seem more stupid.

Unbearable One: Kingsman: Secret Service
I would like to provide this award and title to this movie too, as it is one movie which I won’t dare to watch again even if I have nothing to do other than watching this one television. I would rather be bored than watch this miserable spy flick again. There are too many negative categories to which this one can belong, and it is that terrible a movie.

Clueless One: Kanal
Despite a pretty good beginning, this movie deviates from what it could have been. Going through a clueless journey, Kanal only becomes all that it shouldn’t have been, and it affects not only the flow, but also the performances of the cast. With such a nice cast, this movie doesn’t do well enough, and it is a case of shame. Maybe the plan was something else – who knows!

BiggestĀ Hype: Ennu Ninte Moideen
This is one of the movies which I liked and surely has its true love, but the hype related to this one has been unbearable. With the blind fans copying the same messages everywhere as if it is spam and abusing everyone who don’t agree with it, this movie is the great overrated flick along with Amar Akbar AnthonyĀ which comes second on the list. Click here for review.

*This is only based on the movies I have watched and it remains my personal opinion with all theĀ specialties; the fans don’tĀ need to go psychopathĀ on the comments section.

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2015 Theatre Status:
*84 movies watched on the big screen this year, with 70 of them reviewed. There were 26 English movies, 40 Malayalam movies, 14 Hindi movies and 4 Tamil movies. Total Reviews including honorary ones and short-films = 89.
+Movies inspiring more than one theatre visit: 1: Mili {2 times}

Theatre Status from Previous Years:
*89 movies watched on the big screen in 2014, with 66 of them reviewed. There were 44 English movies, 32 Malayalam movies, 10 Hindi movies and 3 Tamil movies. Total Reviews including honorary ones = 73.
*103 movies watched on the big screen in 2013, with 71 of them reviewed. There were 44 English movies, 43 Malayalam movies, 12 Hindi movies and 4 Tamil movies. Total Reviews including honorary ones = 109.

Most visits from outside India in 2015
1. United States :: 2. United Arab Emirates :: 3. United Kingdom :: 4. Australia :: 5. Qatar :: 6. Canada :: 7. Russia :: 8. Switzerland :: 9. Singapore :: 10. Netherlands

And I once again wish you a great year ahead šŸ™‚

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