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What is it about? :: In the 1960s at Mukkam in the Malabar region of Kerala, Kanchanamala (Parvathy Kottuvata), one of the many children of a landlord, studies medicine. Meanwhile, Moideen (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a socialist political worker from a renowned family of the region spends his time with the common people. Their parents are good friends and the families know each other. They fall in love, but are restricted by the society as Kanchanamala is Hindu and Moideen is Muslim. Moideen is thrown out of the house by his father for declaring his love for the lady, and Kanchanamala is locked inside her room in the house. The options available here were to run away or to forget each other, but they decide to wait. A lot of things happen in the world around them, but they just wait for things to change, and this wait goes on as fate keeps intervening in their lives.

The defence of Ennu Ninte Moideen :: The best argument in favour of this movie is that it is unbelievably clean. The humour is good and love is strong. There is nothing other than pure love that takes the centre stage – there is almost no romance, and there is no talking nonsense; there is just the decision to get married and live together. It is something worth all the applause at a time when true love is dead and buried under the fake emotions. This movie becomes a lesson to the people who can’t wait or adjust, as the world are full of the “partially loving” ones who leave their lovers to follow their ambitions. The visuals are really good, and there some very nice dialogues which the audience can remember for long. The fact that this is a true love story also makes this movie better than what it actually is – there should be thousands of great love stories which go forgotten, and it is nice that this one didn’t. Also, the first half is superior to the second.

Claws of flaw :: One problem with the movie is its length. Even though it is not at all empty like Annayum Rasoolum, there are moments which drag, and this happens mostly in the second half after a well-made first half. There are certain moments of stretching in the latter part which could have been avoided. The signs about that powerful socialist-capitalist clash which the trailer gave goes completely missing as the same only appears here and there only to disappear without leaving any trace. It is unfortunate that there is nothing about righteous politics as expected. The songs don’t have much here. Cliches are also abundant. The overrating of this movie by the fans reflects as a flaw for the flick – you exceed expectations and give a movie some “greatness” title, and it becomes a flaw for those who watch the movie with expectations of unlimited greatness. Flaws will rise easily in a movie which you declare flawless, my dear fans; keep that in mind.

Performers of the soul :: Prithviraj brings Moideen to the screen with great sincerity and wonderful skills. If you ask me, I will prefer his performances in Ivide and Picket 43 more as they were a lot more intense; but this one is serene, staying within the limits of his character – the three are his best of the year. We await his much expected movie Amar Akbar Anthony as we watch this! Parvathy impresses most of the time, and is just fine on some other occasions, and she reminds me of Sangeetha of Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala fame. Bala also does a very strong job in this one. But the one who steals the show with two shots is Tovino Thomas who strikes an arrow into our heart and soul twice with one moment at the heroine’s house and another at the hero’s club. Sai Kumar and Lena Abhilash also leaves strong impact on our minds with their characters.

Soul exploration :: The origins of the love story of the lovers of this movie are not much explored, as they go straight towards the point. There is not much shown about what made them so much interested in each other, and the focus is on the fact is that they decides to wait rather than run away with each other or forget each other. They wait for the society to accept them, and take that risk with two reputed families belonging to two different religions. There is more than one dramatic interference from fate along with some additional melodrama as if this love was not supposed to happen, but the story remains true to love. The thing to be admired more than anything else is that they get older and older by waiting for approval, but the society remains the same and doesn’t accept their relationship. It is a strange world, isn’t it?

Further soul exploration :: The situation which is seen in the movie still exists in this world, even without talking about love and marriages. There is a certain amount of rise in the number of people who talk about religion and make decisions or judge people based on the same. It is a surprise that it happens in this modern age; the divisions were not this strong when I was a child – yes, the number of inter-religious marriages have increased, but it is not the case with the rest of the talks about religion as you can see less love for one’s religion and more hatred for other religions. We are getting divided further and further with more and more ridiculous reasons added. The non-believers only join in to make fun of everyone creating further trouble in between, instead of working to find a solution for any possible problem. Hating people is never a solution.

How it finishes :: There is a big problem with this movie, and it is with the fans. There is too much promotion going on related to this movie, and I have always found this overrating of movies rather irritating. I have seen the same with Premam, and now I am witnessing the same with this movie. It is time people stop overdoing the promotion and stick to talking about what they liked and didn’t like in a movie. When the word “best” is used without any limitations, it can make your favourite movie suffer, and fans should keep that in mind. I have had very high expectations about this movie due to some of those random comments, and this high number of comments have led to me liking this movie less. My advice to the fans is not to overrate a movie so much that it becomes irritating; Premam had early gains from it, but understand that luck changes and so do the games of fate.

Release date: 19th September 2015
Running time: 167 minutes
Directed by: R. S. Vimal
Starring: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Parvathy Kottuvata, Tovino Thomas, Bala, Saikumar, Shashi Kumar, Lena Abhilash, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Sudheer Karamana, Sija Rose, Sudheesh, Kalaranjini, Surabhi, Indrans, Devi Ajith, Emine Salman, George Tharakan


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79 thoughts on “Ennu Ninte Moideen

  1. Oh I wish, I could see this movie. Ur review has generated interest in me…that it explores true love… But I have no scope of seeing this one… Reading ur review gave me good amount of clarity …

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    • But not more than a lot 😀 Depends on how; not when things are exaggerated and put in every possible posts and comments section where they are not related; not when the same thing is copied by everyone and spammed in such a way that nothing else can be seen.


  2. Ok a sentence that that me smile… ‘Flaws will rise easily in a movie which you declare flawless, my dear fans; keep that in mind’ , I thought you don’t believe in what others say? rather not have trust in what others say… next… Teny I side your general societal pessimism here… perhapes I am guilty of it too… I don’t think I would be allowed to marry Muslim, so yes this movie has some truth… if you go for alliance searches you pick over money and earning capacity than the person, that’s because in this world you can’t live without money or without so much money, comforts apart just for basic thing like education, groceries you need lot of money … I think that’s ok in a completely arranged marriage but if you fall in love with someone not so rich comes the problem… anyway… we got to make sacrifices too… but you know whats the biggest fear is that person you are intending to marry if not that rich is he/she worth the sacrifice… I mean will that person support you true and true… see doubth… but for real love everything is worth it, its priceless…anyway… and you wonder when you opt for arranged marriage and you marry someone so so for the sake of it, is it worth it too… somewhere society including familly made it education, job, money, child more important than happiness and things like… rather marrying a likable breed whatever creed, caste even gender and status… we are told to marry anyone with enough money, same caste that’s all… and the worst part spend money for the marriage?… well I believe we should not spend so much in marriage unless it is worth it and in arranged marriages you can never be sure weather something is worth it(: … you mention all this people call you outcast. Chalo even though marraige situation has changed significantly, I think it’s just a bit say tight… anyway this movie could have been better in showing how the two and why the two got interested in each other… you believe it or not it is difficult to accept someone who would eat non-veg food even if you are from the same caste… then if that Hindi is vegetarian how can she adjust with the other total full on non-veg breed… I am very much asking a valid question, why a hindu can’t marry a muslim is mostly because of drastic lifestyle differences… only real strong love can keep the bond people of 2 different religions… but we have exceptions of Abdul Kalam who we never think as muslim but as wonderful person and he is a vegetarian too… then I know a begetarian bengali too which to me is rarety(: anyway… goodday… Personally I am huge fan of Jesus even though me not a christian… I am not religious so does not matter… I prefer belieing in self and taking inspiration from good people who fight their way from difficulties than God… anyway flamable topic if I write something like this in public forum…anyway


    • I don’t believe in what others say; but I can’t stand any irritating overdose, especially when it is unrelated. People should be true to each other and not exaggerate things. I like people saying opinions, but not as if they are copy pasting the same thing everywhere.
      I believe that love should be intellectual in nature; there should be a unity in thought process, and there are times when the view about God from a person in one religion is closer to the view about God from a person in other religion; rare, but can happen.
      The worst thing is that very rarely can we see the other side of a person which lies hidden – this is where divorces come to the picture even in the case of love marriages; not all love marriages are real, some are just with masks pretending to love.
      I believe that people are closer to more than one religion through their lifestyles – I am Christian and thinks existentialist, but I try to keep a vegetarian lifestyle within the Indian tradition, and I would say that life has become more mixed these days.


      • hmmm… love… well love does not happen in one day, real love… I believe it’s a attraction to some extent… yes they talk about compatibility in thoughts and views in marriages and true it is not worth marrying someone who can’t well see things eye to eye… psysical attraction takes a back seat because well it is temporary, but having a good time together taking and sharing anything is a good start to say those two will gell on… I am not a tall sure if veiws on God can be similar to someone from another religion(: … tell me how a muslim and hindu will marry combine hindu and muslim rituals?… and we have different veiws on matters of meat eating… chiken and fish is fine… not goats that they have to kill in Bakrid… and can a Hindu women adjust to wearing burka and all???… it’s very difficult… in matrimonial portals there are options you know – its this Ortrodox, traditional, moderate, liberal… most of the urban forks these days are moderate… but you see in same caste so many thought process or was of living life… and also it is not about loving a person alone it is also the family over there… so liking someone or loving them may happen but not a tall practical in arranged marriages… so it vbecomes comfusing… is it money, the person along with the family etc etc… somewhere here not so free… its like mini serial here and there and youngsters got to adjust because they got to respect elders… anyway… running away?… I believe there might be a point in life where you want someone badly and anyone wants to run away to live with the person… but if they handle things maturely, it may be worth it… anyway it is better one does not fall in love I guess… its confising weather its illusionary or real better stick with liking someone and respecting them and going ahed if things are ok(: restrained love… certainly shows charactor or else all will go to extrem steps and get in trouble… I guess in the movie scenaria both these forks can convert themselves into a common religion and live together after running away… but movie won’t be good unless they don’t show their patience and love waiting(: … anyway


      • Physical attraction is all about infatuation, right? That shouldn’t be compared to true love. Thanks to studying literature, I had been reading a lot of background reading about such topics too.
        The rituals can be chosen, and a few can be abandoned. A lot of Hindu-Christian marriages happen though; my best friend’s sister who is a Christian married a Hindu, and the sister of my best friend at school who is a Hindu has married a Christian. There are so many Hindu-Christian marriages which I know, and there seems to be no problems there. It is possible with any religion as long as there is the will to adjust. But there should be the certainty of love and it shouldn’t be fake; always say no to infatuation.
        As long as the parents are looking for a rich man/woman instead of a good person, they can’t blame the love marriages. If they choose the bride or groom according to the goodness factor only, may be arranged marriages can have the advantage and the right to claim superiority. But with the support of the families, arranged marriages can work better than a common love marriage.
        No, not in the movie – they will wait for approval; it is why the movie became so popular.


      • That’s great to know inter caste marriages happen but they all would be love marriages, parents adjust because as the kids like a person and that person is suiting them… good thing in arranged marriages is that infatuation takes a back seat actually… you generally see the details of the person, and take intiative to know the person rather than well any attraction… but it is very possible if you build a connection with a person through interaction and get along well, some sort of frendship develops and then maybe attraction that’s not infatuation exactly but a point where you enjoy the company and relationship… I think in arranged marriages many of them don’t reach that point, so they have to work hard later to get along or make their while interesting together… it is not possible to know if a person is good in arranged marriages given the pacity of time… maybe to a limited extent… some parents get judgemental like since they don’t know the other person they form opinions based on their job, salary, dressing etc … only the man and women or boy and girl have the real responsibility of understanding the other prospect… most parents give some freedom in letting the parties know each other atleast slightly before proceeding, some parents give their kids more freedom and time to know the other… but these days its scary you know you can trust someone new that easily… it may differ case to case… but no way of knowing you know they got some disease like aids and all or weather they are differently oriented in general like gays etc… anyway… most of the love marriages fail because perhapes those people never been like friends and more like girl friend or boy friend… the other person has to be a good friend you can trust before can become partner… otherwise overtime the relationship gets boring…anyway… i guess one is lucky to find a good and compatible other one…


      • Yes, it is a lot about luck, and the worst thing is to lie in a relationship. Information about most of the people can be known by asking others, but money makes people forget everything. The problem of lies happen in both cases, and it is where the luck factor comes in.


      • that’s the old style approach… generally if you make enquires at the work place if person working long time, you may know them to some extent…there are detective agencies that can do the work for you too… making enquiries is a must, most parents who care for their kids do so….


      • A lot of people still don’t – look at the job description, car and the house; the parents make the decision especially in the case of the girl. They don’t even check if any of these is really true. We read about such incidents a lot. But it is a must, and people should know.


  3. The challenge is to negotiate in compatibility and adjustment in arranged marriage… ofcourse I wish they read out their vows in marriage and sign it, it is after all an agreement that they will be together in the journey of life whatever may come(: anyway


      • yes, but visitors can have good food, that’s good. I guess I am being cynical I guess its just that most of us are too irritated, lazy to find partners or cowards to stay solo or give into societal expectations… It is very true that despiite your age your really not ready emotionally for marriage, society won’t understand that… olden days marriage was done for various reasons that’s obsolete now… from protection for the women or girl, physical fullfillment, security, future, children, family etc… now all those ideas are in the bin it is mostly for a life companion to share everything… so much pressure after a age on marriage like when your getting married, instead of well take your time marry only if you find the right person your comfortable with… but no… in extended families we don’t tell complete details we just invite them for the ceremonies engament ceremonies, wedding and such things that’s for them to share in the joy or celebration of a event… not to show off…also later for having kids too pressure when parents should focus on creating good atmosphere for the kids… anyway… we all make a show of glamour and contentment to the outside world but somewhere mere money and comfort is not going to keep us happy…most of us have forgotten happiness I guess thesedays … mechanical life… I guess it’s the spirit… I guess te new forks should be wiser in the marriage matter… done with enthusiasm and confidence… anyway


      • Yes, it just happens, right? We are part of all these, and in the end, it seems to create that feeling that it is for the people and not for those who are getting married.


  4. Yes Teny… to some extent(: … but if that’s the case too I think we have the duty to be nice to the partner…many of the morons get married without their wish and then not be nice to the partner… it can happen that one is willing to adjust the other is not… everyone has their veiws… I think all should hold hands before marriage and go to pre marrital counsellor before marriage to wake up to reality… ultimately you got to see the person and bring the best of that person…/be it a friend, lover, parent, sibling… we are all bad too some bad qualities we have that can be corrected, some thoughts that are rigid that we must give up,,,as you say we are grey but with good support we can be good too… acceptence, forgiveness, patience all you need to have for someone you are willing to love… or else well hope dies… if I do fall in love it would be for good reasons and willing to take the person as a package only…willing to change etc without expectation… but it will never be blind and pocessive and tight and childish… it should make the other happier, liveier and better human being… in India it is hard especially for girls to stay unmarried for long and I admire them a lot, they are surely very strong determined induviduals not bowing down to societal pressures… anyway… we must all be strong and firm and hard instead of expecting love and things that well not all will find in marriage… I am pessimistic too so like criticizing things but there is pinch of truth in all I say(: … even one goes for job, there has to be profeesinal attitude.. and your educated like people say your educated must have achieved a lot… tell me education may not groom a person, it is the person, and always we educated people have the responsibility to do everything right and many educated people do very wrong things… it is strange…chalo… goodday…


    • If someone needs pre-marital counselling, that person has no love at all; I don’t believe that someone has to be taught to be nice to his or her better half. Need to attend a pre-marital course means he or she are not good enough by themselves and doesn’t deserve to be married at that time.
      Neither does education make people better humans just like pre-marital counselling. But experience doesn’t mean anything either; people will always be themselves. Yes, people should be themselves, and this being themselves should be about being good.


      • Then instead of doing post marriage counselling is it not better to do it earlier?… it is not a ideal world, and lets be fair the people married have to handle a lot, not even among themselves but even the other family members… I think before anyone opts for marriage and are not sure about it better go to a counsellor together… no use going after marriage to make things work out…


      • I am against anybody else advising in the matters of people. If they can’t sort out their problems themselves, they don’t deserve to live together. There is no need for outside interference. People have successfully lived through their marriages before counselling ever began to exist. Yes, the ego problems have increased, but they can just decide to get rid of the same.


      • hmmm… I don’t think so … marriage counselling has come up only because marital problems have increased… it is very common these days… no one is perfect…sometimes a third unbiased person can help out… you have no idea after years of marriage people get bored of marriage, have affairs, and all sort of complications…some want to leave the relationship, some want to make it work… it depends on the people… and it is easy for you or me to say things, only the parties affected can tell about it and the difficulty in it… I guess then marriage should be done carefully but where all are in a hurry in arranged marriages and huge possibility the parties won’t get along to make it work… chalo… I am all for pre marriatal counselling because if two are going to have problems they should be stopped from proceeding in a relationship… counselling may help… anyway India it is not common… a friend or sibling can hear one out or say unbiased observation that two have overseen. goodday… you can read this https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dating-decisions/201401/ten-research-based-wedding-vows … anyway


      • I do not approve of anything that takes away and delivers individuality and mutual understanding to a third person. If some people don’t value relationships and wants someone else, it doesn’t mean that there is a need. They can go and take it, but surely not before marriage; I consider pre-marital courses and counselling as pure nonsense because you just can’t predict things, and you surely can’t predict relationships. Nobody is qualified enough to talk on personal relationships before anything happens, because every person is different and situations are only going to happen; it is a clear disrespect to tell them what to do with their lives before they start living it. As you said, “have no idea” – neither do these people who come with advice.
        Why do you want me to read an article which is not going to be impartial as you can already see the name of the website to be supportive of just one side?


      • Every subject has such links; everyone wants to sell their subjects – people in literature field will try to sell it with articles, people related to history will exaggerate it, mathematicians will glorify their science as the greatest of them all; there is no point in such articles; people only want to make money, and pre-marital classes and counselling are just more additions to the same. People will always lie to sell their ideas, and it is just business.
        I know many cases when these things have made absolutely no impact, and I will never believe in them. A friend or a relative might have better impact.


      • True… goodday … we have our way of looking at things and that’s ok (: … if all are fine and simple forks willing to understand, adjust we won’t have any issues atall… we really can’t pass jusgements or impose our veiws on anybody since we claim and are people who believe in freedom of expression… one approach works for one another does not… goodday


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  6. Oh that article is not about premarrital counselling(:… its about marriage vows, an agreement how two will respect each other… my friend who was about to get married said its good and apt… it is not biased a tall… I just gave it… goodday…


    • Okay, but I will say no to pre-marital. A lot of my friends are against this pre-marital course and related things from the Church. It will still be good for some people according to their mindset, but I will keep away because I have my strong beliefs in things.


  7. Ok… I need to learn how to crack death jokes… any ideas… there is a London Cafe where people talk about death…. since your vampire related and undead related you may know how to… (:


      • Ironic, actually I there were bloggers craking death jokes… day before yesterday… and well I did not like it… and there was news yesterday about a cafe where people come to talk about death… then now I have it!!… my newphew slighlly distant passes away… a nice person, sweet, harmless, smiling, friendly… guess lucky to have known him this year atleast… very young thing… no logic… I suppose this is the biggest death joke then!! … here we are ranting on things and there peaceful souls go away… no wonder I don’t want to keep all faith in God… it gives no solutions and answers to many unusual wrong things happening in the world… actually I like those vampire owl and bat creatures here… somewhere amuses me more than the movie reveiws… chalo then… goodday


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  10. Hi Teny,

    You are spot on when you emphasize on the point that movies should not be glorified as it won’t go well with people who watch it later after hearing all the hype. But unfortunately, in this era that we live, it is literally impossible to tie down such comments or opinions as views of spectators spread quicker than wildfire. With FB and whatsapp dominating the daily life of every person we see around, I would rather say that you would feel happier if you see a good movie within the first two days after release 😛 The Longer you wait, chances for you to like it will be slim 😉

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    • That is indeed true. But there was the time when I could, and I wish to try to live in that outdated world 🙂
      These days, most of the people watching a movie in the first two days are all fans, and we fall into the trap easily 😀


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    • Thanks 🙂 You can have a lot in the list; most of the Malayalam movies which released in the last few weeks have been good – even this week’s [https://moviesofthesoul.com/2015/10/23/rani-padmini]

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