Kunjiramayanam (1)

What is it about? :: Kunjiraman (Vineeth Sreenivasan) and Laalu (Dhyan Sreenivasan) are cousin-brothers who have turned out to be enemies, as one incident changes their lives forever. While the former leaves to the Middle East to make money, the latter keep failing the tenth standard and ends up as being the assistant of the village’s tailor, Kuttan (Aju Varghese). Along his friends Sasi (Deepak Parambol) and Kunjoottan (Neeraj Madhav), Kunjiraman has a fun-filled time during his holidays from the Middle East and gets engaged to Sajitha (Srinda Ashab) who makes him promise that he will not drink, ever. Before the marriage date, he would leave for his job only to return and find the situation different. Meanwhile, Mallika (Arya Rohit) and Reshma (Sneha Unnikrishnan) also will have some say in his future, as well as that of Laalu.

The defence of Kunjiramayanam :: It is easy to defend this movie as we did for Vellimoonga as the soul of both is in light-hearted, clean comedy. But the similarities end there, in the way of approaching the comic side and making it interesting and appealing for the family audience. The movie creates that kind of situations which has the ability to evoke laughter without second thoughts. The song Salsa is an amazing addition to this movie, and gives us the idea what to expect. It might be one of the funniest and the most catchy songs of recent times, and if you watch the movie, you will understand its relevance better. It is the master idea, and all the characters shown in the song come together here – to be frank, there is no real hero in this movie as all of them contributes in a similar manner with only slight variations in the degree.

Claws of flaw :: It is not in the story that the movie tries to assert its strength, and due to the same, there is nothing much there if you look at it. If you are searching for logic all the time, you shouldn’t be here either; but if you look for smartness in film-making, it is right here; of which reflections are strong. The movie also doesn’t begin that well or ends that nice as one would expect considering the middle part. I would have wished for a more feel-good ending rather than the somewhat funny one. In a movie which has this kind of a setting, the upstanding use of robust feel-good factor could have been not just a gemstone, but the Philosopher’s Stone for the totality which would have in return, made the rating better. The situations created in this movie are not all right there with the requisite strength, but stands the test of time due to the execution and the performances of the actors.

Performers of the soul :: There is no particular hero in this movie, if you look at it. Yes, the central character is played by Vineeth Sreenivasan and his Kunjiraman the is part of the title too. The movie’s ability to create laughter has been shared here, and so is the whole plot. As the titular hero spends a lot of his time not being part of his village, the others are forced to take control, and this radical transposition of control surprisingly brings the equilibrium. This transfered control from Vineeth in full form is taken over by a team of actors who handles the comic side amazingly well. Consider the senior actor himself, Mamukkoya who has some of the most memorable dialogues in this movie, and the biggest of them is related to death, and there is the veteran hitting the Bull’s Eye.

More performers of the soul :: Among the young faces, Aju Varghese is once again the biggest asset; he was restricted to a very small presence in Jamna Pyari, but he is here, making full impact. He is the heart of the comic side, and his best moment is related to the night before the marriage of the character played by Sneha Unnikrishnan – she has also done a small, but impressively funny job in what I believe to be her second movie. You can’t forget his moment with the crow either, as you might have seen in the Salsa song – it is also mostly his song. Neeraj Madhav and Deepak Parambol basically shares their glory; they work together really well – these two with Aju got the comic side to the perfect strength; add Bijukuttan to it and you have no reason not to laugh.

Further performers of the soul :: With all of them doing their jobs so well and Vineeth Sreenivasan reminding us of some of those nice and funny characters played by his father, we have Dhyan Sreenivasan doing a fair job – I am sure that I liked him a lot better in Thira; he is still a lot of fun here, and got some hilarious moments. Biju Menon’s voice introduces the characters and he as well as Rimi Tomy has smaller appearances in this movie. Srinda Ashab has her moments of laughter, but she is only repeating what she has already done. Arya has a smaller role too, but her presence makes three heroines here. Sneha is the more charming one among the three because the comic side takes a little bit too much of the rest. Well, they don’t even show the most significant female character for most of the movie and keeps it as a surprise!

How it finishes :: I am not the one to talk about collections right now, because the certainty is only in the fact that Kunjiramayanam is the movie to win the hearts with its light-hearted comedy for the family audience. It basically has two things which it converts into its comic side, and they are alcohol and marriage – they have also kept these things in control. Well, we can be sure that Basil Joseph is a director with a lot of skill right there, as we notice what he has created through this movie which had to fight bigger flicks during this Onam, starting from the most awaited Loham itself – may this debut be the stepping stone to the heights which are waiting for him. Once again, I wish you Happy Onam as the festival season fades away!

Release date: 28th August 2015
Running time: 123 minutes
Directed by: Basil Joseph
Starring: Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Arya Rohit, Neeraj Madhav, Bijukuttan, Sneha Unnikrishnan, Srinda Ashab, Mamukkoya, Deepak Parambol, Sudheer Karamana, Indrans, Seema G Nair, Sasi Kalinga, Biju Menon (cameo), Rimi Tomy (cameo)


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44 thoughts on “Kunjiramayanam

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  3. I saw basic Instinct yesterday night and whole time I was scared and felt chilly when I saw that women… I guess it is very old now still scary idea… anyway… so horror comes out of evilness and uncertainty than idea of ghost or anything. That movie is way too outdated now but those days must have be thriller, spicy stuff, I generally don’t watch these movies unless its captivating,,, anyway…wanted to write a story based on some themes from there with a more intelligent detective than than idiot in the movie…anyway, still scares me that women but also she’s attractive, like black widow…anyway…


      • Yeah though the movie is damn old and not worth so much to compare it was brilliant in that they made horror without ghosts or animals… you can say chilling, so that movie for those days is definitely very good and powerful… I never thought I can be scared of any women like that… thats the sort of people some are too, they pretend to love you, care for you and crash you though to a smaller extent is true… only all people there seemed screwed (: I am no fan of bollywood, the commercial sorts but compared to a lot of hollywood entertainment it is better, more maturity… anyway I not watched many movies checking out their trailor itself… one is Orphan, that I can imagine is a very horror filled film… but that sort of evil is rare right?… its not human nor normal…anyway

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      • Yes, Orphan too; it was powerful.But I don’t think that this sort of evil is rare; it is immensely possible and people will always be capable of it as it is easier to hide the same – sometimes, it might never be revealed.

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  4. No that Orphan cases and the Basic Instinst case got to be rare… I agree there are rotten forks who are harmful to society… they can pretend and fool us… but they can’t ruin our lifes forever, ones’s we know they are rotten we may leave them and be happy we got to know their true color(: … even the rotten forks who are evil can’t be as evil nor dangerous as the one’s potrayed, surely its a exaggeration?… they are criminal forks and grey ones who do harm out of petty thinking but definitely got potencial to change and do good…


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      • Teny can you do one thing… read that Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and checkout robot Marvin who was a depressed suicidal robot, in many ways you two have similar ways of veiwing life… am a pessimist myself, but you are spot on with the veiws(:… I am grey or rather inbetween the optimist and pessimist, it may also be because life has been nice to me in some ways… you should checkout the good too rather than the rotten and extend it… if there is no hope and future… then really you mean all will be doomed?… anyway… these pessimistic views can get tiring… will a song make u smile maybe this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2VCwBzGdPM … or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU … anyway checkout Marvin from Hitchhikers guide and let me know his veiw are similar to yours(: goodday

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  7. God I read the reveiw and it looked like your appreaciating every charactor in the movie for their performence… like the director does when he wins film fair award… your commented more on actor than the movie itself… must have been fine commedy…goodday

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