Mr. Peabody and Sherman


Every dog has its day :: Mr. Peabody needs a day for himself, just like any other dog (but surely with specs and a bow tie) without that day being called “a dog’s day”. Yes, the other person without the title is the human character who is obviously less intelligent. As the cats have nine lives and continues to dodge death (with the exceptions of our favourite cats who successfully tested the speed of those faster cars on the highway, may be not knowing that eight of the nine lives have ended and it is nearing game over – they should come up with a life bar on the top right corner of the eye or something), the dogs also need a day on which they can use their awesomeness to good use without taking any physical risk that could permanently place them outside the material realm to be devoured by the soul reaver. This is that day for Peabody, a white dog which could have easily been the ruler of the planet on another parallel Earth. As an intelligent creature who doesn’t ask for the nine lives for himself or claim his right to a possible return from the dead in the name of equality, this dog takes us into an adventure which has already been highly rated by the critics and is indeed splendid.

What is it about? :: Mr. Peabody might be not only the smartest dog in the world, but also the most intelligent creature on Earth surpassing all humans with ease. He proved that he was different from the other dogs in the childhood itself, due to which he was never adopted and never had a home as a puppy. So later, he adopted a boy named Sherman instead, only after he gets rich and popular. As Sherman gets into conflict with his classmate, Penny Peterson who tried to the be the “mean girl”, the adoption agency blames it on the behaviour of Peabody who is an animal and they threaten to cancel the adoption. As Penny is invited to their home with her parents to make sure that nothing worse happens, the kids end up in the time machine invented by Peabody which is usually used to teach Sherman history. As Penny gets caught in Ancient Egypt, Peabody and Sherman has to make things right before the space-time continuum is completely destroyed. But for the same, just a random journey to Egypt won’t be enough, that is for sure.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman @Ancient Egypt :: Chronologically the first place to be visited, but otherwise the second, the Little King Tut a.k.a Tutankhamun wants force Penny into child marriage to which she has no objection (even with the revelation that his name rhymes with butt) until she comes to know about the wonderful customs of the land from the Vizier. This is a nice little episode (the movie is so short, so it had to be little) which involves them wandering around through the tombs inside The Sphinx and using the statue of Anubis, the god of death to their advantage. There are some nice jokes involving plague, the underworld and the god-kings. This place is the answer to where, when and how the adventures of Peabody and Sherman actually begins. Well, what is the use of a time machine if you haven’t seen the Pyramids in the zenith of its glory? We don’t have the Roman or the Persian Empire at its zenith, at least we got Egypt. Still, there could have been more of the place, and the same can be felt about what is to be mentioned next.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman @Greek-Troy War :: The trio lands in the middle of the Greek Trojan war as the result of a crash making it chronologically the second place to be visited, otherwise the final one. The Greeks are ready to avenge the death of Achilles and bring the fight into the city of Troy as they have carefully placed themselves inside the Wooden Horse. Sherman joins King Agamemnon, Odysseus and team in their battle against Troy, but is saved by Peabody before Trojans get to him. One has to admit that Agamemnon is the funniest character of the movie, and as the good guys beating up the enemies, they are lots of fun. From the location map, I was of the impression that this was going to be the Dracula Castle which was not to be. Well, there should be a sequel, we can hope for that. The father-son relationship reaches its climax during this visit and right after that, as a good number of historical figures make a visit to the future.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman @Italian Renaissance :: The trio catches up with Leonardo da Vinci during his attempt to paint Mona Lisa and even manages to make the lady smile or rather laugh in the process. Chronologically the third place to be visited and otherwise the second, this visit to Florence is when Sherman finds himself capable of something and he also gets along with Penny even managing to fly the prototype of a flying machine made by da Vinci together. The city of Florence as well as the Florence cathedral looks beautifully created, and the painting scene as well as the flying scene are nicely done. It is obvious that there were so many people in the theatre who knew nothing about Renaissance, it was a cultural movement of the thirteenth and fourteenth century beginning in the Italian states, especially the city of Florence. We were not taught about it in detail in the school history books, but Mr. Peabody will make sure that you won’t forget it that easily.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman @French Revolution :: Being at the French Revolution was more of a study trip for Sherman until things get serious. Thus it was the first time travel event to be shown even as it should come last in a chronological order. Caught between the cakes of Marie Antoinette and the call for assassination by Maximilien de Robespierre, Sherman avoids some advice for having cake as Peabody is almost executed in the guillotine before he finds a way out. As he mistakes Reign of Terror which comes with the French Revolution to be just another rain – they seem to struggle to escape, but Peabody does the escape act with ease. Nobody seems to be a match for the talking dog. The significant role which history would play in this movie is evident from this. I would say no history lover can dare to miss this movie, and it can also serve as a very interesting history class for kids, even as the movie might seem to lack logic like any other animated movie along with lacking in total content.

How it finishes :: Mr. Peabody & Sherman is that movie which has prevented Non-Stop from releasing here, and it might not be a good news for many, as it was a much awaited movie especially with Liam Neeson coming back to that path and into that avatar which the fans would like him to follow. Still, it has only lesser shows here at selected multiplexes just like The Lego Movie had if not slightly better. But as it is such a wonderful movie, why would someone ask for anything else? To add to it, this movie releases here a week before it releases in the United States, and that is a twist of fate. Let’s not be fooled by the name of the movie, as it is indeed not good enough to bring people to the big screen. The first impression that came to my mind when I heard the title was not good either. But do not just a movie by its name, especially an animated movie, as they never cease to surprise you, like this one which is the best movie of the year so far – yes better than The Lego Movie too.

Release date: 28th February 2014 (India); 7th March 2014 (US)
Running time: 92 minutes
Directed by: Rob Minkoff
Starring (voice): Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter, Leslie Mann, Stephen Colbert, Allison Janney, Stephen Tobolowsky, Mel Brooks, Stanley Tucci, Patrick Warburton, Lake Bell, Zach Callison, Lauri Fraser, Guillaume Aretos, Dennis Haysbert

Mr Peabody & Sherman copy

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48 thoughts on “Mr. Peabody and Sherman

    • I am glad πŸ™‚ It didn’t exist in the theatres here for long & I watched it just before it was removed, so couldn’t make anybody in my city to go for the same πŸ™‚


      • History is not admired here, and neither are the historical monuments. I have met too many people who have said that they don’t want anything to do with History and it is their least favourite subject 😦 Every parent wants to make their children engineers keeping them away from anything related to humanities. And yes, the animated movies are still considered only for little kids. Even Frozen deserved more here.


      • I am sad to hear that, Teny. My dad is an engineer, but he still is interested in history. Without an understanding of history, how can we decide as a society where to go culturally, socially and politically? So many pitfalls to avoid as a species, and a study of history helps us inform our opinions. It also shows how interconnected we all are. Here, we aim for a well-rounded education, a knowledge of all subjects, and wait until college for children to specialize, or even graduate school. Even engineers need to understand these issues to participate in democracy in an informed way. It’s sad to me that kids are not encouraged to dream and imagine. That is where innovation comes from.


      • Here, humanities is considered to be for people who are not good enough for science. I have been asked as a kid that why would I study history or literature when I scored too high in the exams in total – it is just science that we need because it brings more money. We do study history during the early school days, but if it is the subject in which someone scores high, everyone is assured that his future is ruined! Its like when we have logic and everything works fine, why the illogical imagination?


      • Nope, its just that movies are becoming bigger and bigger businesses, and there are the rising number of multiplexes. The only imagination is left there!


      • I bought a number of old books from a UK library, and was surprised to see that they were as good as new. Here, books which are more than one or two weeks old will be short of pages and with lots of markings and drawings with pen.


      • We teach our kids to not rip and mark up books from young ages. My kids only did that when they were under 3, and only behind my back. I don’t even like to write in them when they are mine. E-readers may yet be the death of libraries. I don’t know what I would have done without libraries when I was a kid.


      • Thats nice. During childhood, I have read books with missing pages and imagined the story; there were many words which were rubbed off and I could finish them without the same. I was a regular visitor to our town library and it was necessary to read the book as soon as it arrived or I might be left with three quarter or half the book. When someone is looking, all of them got respect for the books, but when alone with a book, everybody wants to do something to it.

        I hesitate to give my books to anyone, as I am pretty sure that they will damage it. Except for some of my cousins, everyone has either damaged them or failed to return my favourite books.


      • My favourite was DRACULA at that time. I mostly read books in Malayalam language at that time, because there were plenty of them. Now I am looking forward to working out a thesis on another favourite THE HUNGER GAMES. But I don’t know if it will prove worthy.


      • I wonder how much it would cost me to ship you some books… I’m always good willing some. I could ship some to you if it’s not too expensive!


      • But we are not taught about the same in History books of the schools. History belongs to the bigger Empires if the subject somehow manages to get any attention. Smaller kingdoms ( were not considered despite winning significant battles and being tolerant to other religions and cultures. Unless people are aware of their past and prefer historical monuments over many other things of modernity, I would guess that they all will remain the same.


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