There’s Someone Inside

***Full title: There’s Someone Inside Your House

Vampire Owl: Is there someone inside the castle?

Vampire Bat: Yes, Uncle Dracula is inside the castle.

Vampire Owl: He is always inside the castle. I am talking about others.

Vampire Bat: You are trying to say that there is a serial killer inside?

Vampire Owl: I am saying that there could be someone inside that we don’t want.

Vampire Bat: Everyone is welcome in the Dracula Castle.

Vampire Owl: Except werewolves, zombies and the northern witches.

Vampire Bat: They don’t really visit us anyway.

Vampire Owl: The war has been the reason for that.

Vampire Bat: War was not forever. Hostility is. They remain hostile to us.

[Gets a paneer puffs and three cups of iced tea].

What is the movie about? :: Jackson Pace (Markian Tarasiuk) who is alone at his home, as his parents and sister have gone to watch a game of American football. He senses that there is someone in the house, and almost calls the emergency number. There are photos of him beating up another student named Caleb Greeley (Burkely Duffield), and someone wearing a mask like Caleb’s face turns up and murders him. People have their doubts that it was Caleb who murdered Jackson due to that incident, as things were not that great between them. As Caleb was at the football game, they feel that he might have hired a killer. Makani Young (Sydney Park) is a mostly unhappy girl from the same educational institution, bothered about the past, and is someone who has a small circle of friends. Alexandra (Asjha Cooper), Zachariah (Dale Whibley), Darby (Jesse LaTourette) and Rodrigo (Diego Josef) are her best friends, who have their own speculation about the murder which happened, with more than one suspect on the line.

So, what happens with the events here as we just keep looking? :: Oliver Larsson (Theodore Pellerin) is Makani’s ex-boyfriend, but she want nothing to do with him, not even replying to his chats anymore. Zachariah is hated by almost everyone for his rich land developer father. Katie Koons (Sarah Dugdale) is the next one to be murdered though, as she was preparing the space inside the church for Jackson’s funeral programme. The whole school is interviewed by the police department, but it seems that the cops still have no clue about the murderer. Makani has some secrets from her past, which comes in her dreams. She continues to evade Oliver because she doesn’t want anybody to know that she has been in love with someone whom most of the college considered to be a sociopath. Zachariah is holding a party at the same time, where the students end up telling each other, their secrets. But it only makes a fine place of interest for the killer who has everyone at the same place, including the person who could be his next target.

The defence of There’s Someone Inside Your House :: There is the fine slasher feeling that There’s Someone Inside the House provides from the beginning stages itself. It doesn’t waste much of time getting into action, and we have the killings begin early enough, as there is no wasted time during these one and half hours of action. The first murder sets things going, and then there are others which follow nicely. The message goes like one’s past coming back to haunt the person, those terrible things which were directed at different human beings – quite a natural thing when we consider the inherent evil of humanity, which is hugged by the killer in this case. The twists are created in an interesting manner, and with red herrings being thrown here and there, we don’t guess the final killer, after doubting the other characters well enough. There’s Someone Inside the House is certainly a good step towards reviving this genre which required some good movies all the time, and rarely did it get them as strong as required.

Positives and negatives :: There is a little bit of deviation that does happen here and there, as far as the movie’s totality is concerned. The title is also divergent from what actually happens within the movie, for this is more than a few murders happening inside a house. The movie does talk about people who have everything in life, and still are not satisfied, as well as those who judge, for no appropriate reason – all of these are cases of inherent evil being present at all times. The story does feel a little bit deviating at times, but you know that as a horror slasher flick, this will come back to its strengths. Some characters could have also been better used, even though you are always focusing on the blood and gore with a slasher. You know how far such horror can go, and with tight focus on the story, more can always make an impact. This proves to be engaging with the content, reminding you of the need for this kind of horror as much as the usual things with ghosts, demons and others. It is the kind of movie that one can watch over a box of popcorn, and enjoy without thinking too much about it.

The performers of the soul :: Sydney Park leads the way among the performances, as a girl with a past, and as someone who has trouble with her world. She goes through the horror with ease, bringing to light the possibilities of her becoming a quality scream queen in the future. Theodore Pellerin provides some fine support as the misunderstood boy who is blamed for different things. He is also the person who becomes the red herring in comparison with the others, as most of them don’t even come to close to being suspected for the murders. Asjha Cooper provides some support, but makes not that much of an interesting character. Jesse LaTourette becomes more of someone of interest. Sarah Dugdale’s short presence before being killed is memorable, and one would have wanted to see more from her. Dale Whibley plays the rich boy who feels that he is blamed for being the son of a rich man, while Diego Josef has a shorter stay. Andrew Dunbar plays the rather clueless police officer who only gets more confused.

How it finishes :: There’s Someone Inside the House works as one interesting slasher horror film like Fear Street: 1994, Fear Street: 1978 and Fear Street: 1666. It is not always to go on and make a horror film in slasher mode well enough – a much more difficult job than creating the world of The Conjuring, The Nun, Annabelle, Sinister, Insidious and others, which are the cases of regular horror that everyone knows about. The slasher horror rarely gets the credit that it deserves, and they are often better suited for the purpose of fear, because they do feel more real with the killers around. It deals with the idea of inherent evil better, as you know that humans are capable of more evil than the demons and spirits at all times. Humanity’s love for evil and its justification has always let the demons to be disappointed that they couldn’t be that evil, not serving their life’s purpose well enough. These slasher horror movies are testimony to human evil, especially these movies which don’t have a supernatural killer on the hunt.

Release date: 6th October 2021 (Netflix)
Running time: 96 minutes
Directed by: Patrick Brice
Starring: Sydney Park, Theodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper, Jesse LaTourette, Diego Josef, Sarah Dugdale, Burkely Duffield, Dale Whibley, Markian Tarasiuk, Zane Clifford, William Edward, Emilija Baranac, Ivy Matheson, Kayla Heller, Andrew Dunbar, Tedra Rogers, David Lewis, Jade Falco, William MacDonald, Tally Rodin, Anthony Timpano, Brittany Hobson

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