Vampire Owl :: I thought that you were not going to watch this movie.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, all the masala was doing bad for my health. So I decided to go masala free, and I guess this movie achieves that status with ease.

Vampire Owl :: This is a new idea. I wonder how this one came up.

Vampire Bat :: Well, it is because more people have watched a lot of masala movies and let the movies with good themes die. It is up-to us to make amends.

Vampire Owl :: Yes, they have to learn from Lady Death. She uses no masala at all. She just takes those souls and sends the order to hell to cook them without masala.

Vampire Bat :: You still holds on to that one? Yes, but be aware than Mohanlal has only a smaller role in this one rather than being there on all posters around Kerala.

Vampire Owl :: I can relate to that. I have seen that so much among these vampires too. Everything got a poster of Uncle Dracula and there are even those programs about which he has no idea about.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, I remember a few of those.

Vampire Owl :: We will still give this a try because the Kannada version of the movie got great reviews.

Vampire Bat :: That might not define much in Kerala, but lets see.

[Gets the tickets].

What is it about? :: Siddharth (Master Aditya) spends his time playing pranks, but is a bright student. His mother (Anu Joseph) is working at a factory while a criminal and politician called Kalaprathapan (Kalabhavan Mani) has his eyes on her after saving the boy from the police station. But situations land Siddharth in a juvenile home. He is a big fan of Puneeth Rajkumar (Himself) who is conducting a Kodipathi program on television and is looking for kids to participate in a junior version of the game. With the help of his fellow in-mates, he manages to somehow send the messages and get selected. As the strict warden is finally impressed by the boy whom he had considered the scum of the Earth, Siddharth gets permission to go to Chennai for the show accompanied by him. Meanwhile, his enemies at the juvenile home returns and a DRDO scientist called Mahadevan (Mohanlal) also comes to the scene.

The defence of Mythri :: You have to call this one a sincere effort without doubts. This surely will have a nice impact on the audience and one has to appreciate the intentions behind it. The movie tells the tale of the rise of an underdog from the middle of nowhere to the helm. The social message is powerful with relevance throughout the nation, and even though this is not a full entertainer, there is still a little bit of the same, and there is that intensity and the strength of emotions which drive a good number of those scenes. The way in which the story is told also makes a positive impact. It has the power to touch the soul, but the impact could have been heavy if it was completely remade for the Malayali audience. Yes, changes are there, with more Malayalam actors added, but a few more could have done better, and the title could have been just Mythri with no extra additions.

The claws of flaw :: The question is about the path used by this movie, for it is the Slumdog Millionaire model that has been used here, and the ending also reminds one of the Malayalam movie, One Man Show just a bit. There is also the Malayalam touch missing in this movie, and it might have hurt the chances to be more successful among the Malayali audience. This is more like something which is not ground-breaking for the Malayalam movie industry which has had so many movies with social messages. The feeling of dubbing doesn’t help the cause too. There is also a movie scene shooting which is done mostly in slow motion and with the heroism even though it is still a film within a film. The songs also come out of nowhere for no reason, and there are those dance steps which are also overused for the Keralite viewer preferences. And yes, you won’t see that much of Mohanlal in this one as in the posters.

Performers of the soul :: Puneeth Rajkumar is not really a name much known among the Keralite audience, but he surely has a left a mark here, enough to be remembered by the viewers. He is also the one who does the Kannada version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and so the right person to do this role. But no Malayali can watch this without thinking about Suresh Gopi in Ningalkum Aakaam Kodeeswaran because he has become that name related to this programme’s real Malayalam version as well as the philanthropy. What would have happened if Suresh Gopi was there with Mohanlal doing what he has been doing the best? One has to wonder – it would have surely brought the crowd in for this one. But be assured, for this wonderful actor whom we have here is very good in this. There are no clues given when questions are wrong in this case, but questions are easier for this competition!

More Performers of the soul :: We will remember Puneeth Rajkumar for quite a long time for sure. Mohanlal has an appearance which lasts not more than half an hour, and his extended cameo is something which makes an excellent impact. The kid, Aditya manages to do a fantastic job, and it is nice to see him go on to do even better as movie progresses, along with the actor who did his best friend and a brother-like figure called Johnson, the actor named Jagadish giving fine support to the boy. Kalabhavan Mani is pretty good as the villain. Atul Kulkarni leaves a mark as the warden too. It was also good to see Anu Joseph with Oridathoridathu fame who has done a memorable job here, and along with her, Archana also does a good job; one is present on in the beginning and the other just at the end. Bhavana makes an even shorter appearance, and so does Sajitha Betti.

How it finishes :: There wasn’t enough hype surrounding this movie and not much promotions took place, which has surely worked against it; if you consider the rush for Jurassic Park, Premam and then look at this one, there will be a clear picture. It had gone on to become a wonderful success in Kannada, but the same can’t be said about its status here. But it still remains the duty of the movie fans to give a chance to this movie with a social message along with those mass entertainers and full superstar flicks. The movie makes a point against judging people by where they stand as of now, and on the basis of which class they belong to. Mythri is a reason for you to watch a movie in the theatres with full family, and take a message home despite its inability to connect completely with the Keralite audience.

Release date: 12th June 2015
Running time: 137 minutes
Directed by: B.M Giriraj
Starring: Mohanlal, Puneeth Rajkumar, Master Aditya, Anu Joseph, Archana, Kalabhavan Mani, Atul Kulkarni, Bhavana, Sajitha Betti, Jagadish


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21 thoughts on “Mythri

  1. Hello Teny,
    I have a task – request – challenge for you!
    Please go watch the movie “KAAKKA MUTTAI” and review it.
    A tamil movie which i too am yet to watch but the plot got many ideas flowing within my head to review the same. Try to watch it….. They have subtitles so the language wont be a barrier i guess.
    I want you to review it since it will reveal how mature you are as a person, which side you are on and whats your idea about the society,country,world around you , their future trajectory et all.
    Try to watch it and review it… Take it as a challenge !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will surely watch it, but can’t do that right now. It is not here in the theatres and I don’t download and watch. But I will keep this in mind. I write on older movies too, and so this will have its time.
      I have desired to watch this one for some time – my friends from Tamil Nadu did recommend this. I want to review something like this, and not the movies which keep talking about and showing the same thing having nothing special for me to write on.


  2. Like Namrata said, you got your domain. I think you well justify a self hosted page.

    Btw, I saw Jurassic world (park). The cinema hall screwed my experience. 1000 rs gone for nothing. No 3D effects at all. I was just wondering why they gave away the glass πŸ˜› But anyways, that is also done πŸ™‚

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  3. ok i am number 3…like Anoop said…YOU GOT YOUR OWN DOMAIN!!! now you got to believe this I was having popcorn while reading your post….didn’t miss the feel. The best part is readers after reading your review will decide to watch or not watch the movie and I know I don’t follow the language so won’t watch so enjoy the review like the movie itself πŸ™‚ BTW I loved the negative low Keralite feeling!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am a tamilian so won’t watch the movie…but it reminded me of Slumdog Millionaire. You know I have watched some reality shows, like Indian Idol, Indian Idol Junior and Master Cheif India, it is evident that there is aspiration with everyone including the underdogs, they really made it up in many shows. So, would not really say much about the social message in the movie…it is reality and we should know it…some cool trivia’s –

    Rajnikanth- He was a conductor in Karnataka, but came to fame when some guy observed he had style, in putting cigarettes on his mouth

    Amitabh Bachan – He was rejected by a radio station saying his voice was not good, and now it is impossible to believe anyone has the nerve to do that…

    Vidya Balan – She was called ugly and no one respected her and she got no movie offers but she is a women, femine and beatiful and came up…

    so many stories for sure even our Prime Minister was a tea seller, so yeah we should know by now that where you come from does not matter because what you would become is a different story…

    and how can we forget Sharuk Khan???…he came to Mumbai then Bambay as a nobody and he was penniless and he became a famous actor, he had no place even to stay

    Then Amir Khan… he has not studied more than 12th and today he makes the most socially relevant creative movies ever…and he did no journalist course and his Sathyameyajayte program has done investigative journalism work… so that is that!!!…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wouldn’t believe that the reality shows are all real though. There is a lot of fiction involved in it, and so are the inspirational stories which are exaggerated. You might not have heard about the controversy surrounding a former reality show called Idea Star Singer. People are to be portrayed as coming from nowhere and becoming someone big. It is more of a way to get attention and ratings.
      A lot of people fail in real life too, which is why the inspirational stories are actually less. The underdogs are many, but success stories are not that many, no matter how hard someone tries. It is a lot about luck or blessing from God whichever people want to call it.


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