Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal

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Vampire Owl [Looking at the Son of God poster] : Mosa, horse, fish, sea…is this a Biblical story?

Vampire Bat: It is not Moses’ Malayalam version, it is Mosa…”Sa” as in Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly. The Son of God poster is from last week, it doesn’t show at the theatres any more.

Vampire Owl: So what do you think a title like Horse-fishes of Mosa would mean?

Vampire Bat: Hmmm…may be they use fishes as horses, or horses as sea-food?

Vampire Owl: Or may be a man named Mosa eats both the horse and the fish, or eats fish on a horse?

Vampire Bat: May be the actors are the horses and actresses are fish or fishy.

Vampire Owl: So much for the movie names.

Vampire Bat: And some people said they preferred Malayalam titles for Malayalam movies. This should make them happy.

[Gets the eighty rupee tickets].

What is it about? :: The movie tells the story of two men, Alex (Asif Ali) and Akbar Ali (Sunny Wayne) who meets under strange circumstances. Alex is the son of a rich land owner and planter at Pambady, Kottayam. He is born as the fourteenth kid in the family as his father Kuriachan (Nedumudi Venu) wanted one more son than his predecessor who had thirteen. Alex lives in a huge house, but is isolated as his brothers and sisters are too much older than him, and soon he is left with his father alone, after his mother dies and the others move away. As his father also dies, he moves to Cochin to do his Master degree, but spends time wasting money. But, thanks to his best friend who cheats him, he ends up in jail from where he keeps making attempts to escape. His last effort is successful, thanks to the help of Akbar who also escapes from the jail. As one of the sons of his brethren is the jail warden, he is convinced to go back to jail with his name is among a number of people to be released on the Independence Day. But he has to bring Akbar back with him, but for that, he will have to follow him all the way to the Lackshadweep Islands. He meets Deena (Janani Iyer) who agrees to help him, but he is now in the centre of a love story featuring Akbar and Isa (Swati Reddy).

The defence of Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal :: The best thing about the movie is its wonderful visuals, and its success in capturing the beauty of Lakshadweep Islands, the sea and the underwater world withΒ such skill. This isΒ actuallyΒ a big advertisement for Lakshadweep if it works well at the box-office. We also have to admire how they turned such a simple story into a nice watch with a philosophy. Unlike pseudo-travel movies like Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi which tries to pretend that it has a philosophy and still provides the audience with a kind of protagonist who never really changes or even becomes more of himself, Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal rejects the opportunity to be a machine spreading more and more lies through a journey. Our movie is more of a travel movie with bildungsroman elements which attempt to look into the human nature through incidents of different worlds joined together. The protagonists are left changed by the end, thanks to what they experience here. This is an adventure with a certain amount of romance and small doses of thrills. The background score is also interesting, but the songs are ordinary. One also has to admire the leading actors for their performances.

The claws of flaw :: Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal is not a movie for everyone, and I can dare to think that it might not interest a good number of common movie watchers, and as you already know, the name itself arouses curiosity, but keeps people think too many times before watching this movie. The movie’s drag comes as another problem, even as compared to a movie like Annayum Rasoolum, this is a Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, and to Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, this is a McLaren F1. Even as this is many times a better love story than Annayum Rasoolum, but the intensity of the feeling of love remains just the motive when it could have been part of the theme. The love between Alex and Deena is something seemingly possible only in the end and also revealed before the credits roll. Meanwhile, the same between Akbar and Isa is hidden not by the lady’s veil, but by her own selfishness that she admits, and this proof for inherent selfishness that cruise through the human mind at high speeds, weakens the romantic side, and a resurrection of love detained by selfishness raises from the ashes only by the end. There is no denying the fact that a better plot and an energized romantic side could have done this movie a lot of favour.

Performers of the soul :: This is one of the best performances from Asif Ali, and one can easily feel that it is more his movie, as he is the one who narrates, and for the first forty five minutes, none of the four leading actors/actresses are introduced other than him. He single-handedly makes sure that the first half is quite fun, and one also has to love his style of narration. The funny side is also handled well by him. Sunny Wayne makes his entrance after the first forty five minutes, and shares the burden. The story changes to his life and his world, which he handles quite well. But that character that we follows and relates with will still be that of Asif Ali’s Alex who guides us through this adventure. Janani Iyer is cute here, and plays a wonderful character in this movie, but is there for only a short time, a case of sudden disappearance as if her concern ends spontaneously, and her next presence is only in the final scene. But this Deena, is one lovable character that she plays, and even graces us with some words of wisdom along with that charming smile. Swati Reddy looks kind of uncomfortable with this role and also with the looks, but manages to survive as Isa. May be she could have done Deena better than she has performed as Isa, but one can’t be sure.

Soul exploration :: Coming back to name of the movie, the word “mosa” means huge sea waves (credit to the newspapers who ended that doubt) and “kuthira meenukal” even as it is literally translated into “horse-fish” means swordfish (again newspapers to the rescue) in local language. It is said that this kind of fish, predatory in nature, happens to be very selfish, and they are equated to the characters of the movie (no, I haven’t met any of these creatures personally to test the selfishness factor; thought selfish went better with shellfish :D). Both of our heroes as well as Isa remains selfish throughout the movie, mostly due to their circumstances, the only exception being Deena whose words reflect on Alex during the climax scene, and he realizes that even as he made a mockery of her earlier, what she said was more closer to the truth than anything that he had ever said. The random act of kindness that brought to Alex the ability to make others happy without him ever knowing, and that too for the first time in life, would change his life forever, along with that of Akbar. After going on a different path, we can see that Alex asks a bribe-demanding police officer who is also his relative, if he has eaten swordfish, a question which he asks not only to the corrupt officials, but also to a generation powered by selfish motives. So, this movie transforms the swordfish that is seen dancing on the waves of life, back to what could be goldfish, something which occurs in the mind.

How it finishes :: Here is somthing to gather more attention – the cinematography of this movie is handled by the same person who did it for Amen which was praised for the same reason (Abinandhan Ramanujam). There are some movies which turns out to be entertainers, and there are others which end up as classics. But Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal doesn’t really belong anywhere, and even with a certain inability to gather attention, this movie has to be applauded for the different approach that it takes. This visual philosophical spectacle needed something more in the script. Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal is a flawed gem, and its flaws often make us less interested, but it is still a refreshing journey, and also that movie which will make you think about going the the Lakshadweep Islands. But do keep this in mind – this is not the movie that everyone deserves, and it is just this movie that deserves its limited audience! You look for change, and you look for some difference instead of entertainment, and here is a movie which is pretty good in doing something like that. The movie seems to be receiving mixed reviews, and a possible failure of Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal will only make sure that the time of mindless entertainers will begin again. And yes, lets not be even half-a-swordfish πŸ˜€

Release date: 1st May 2014
Running time: 130 minutes
Directed by: Ajith Pillai
Starring: Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Janani Iyer, Swati Reddy, Nedumudi Venu, Nishanth Sagar, Jijoy, Jojo Mala, Chemban Vinod, P. Balachandran

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34 thoughts on “Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal

  1. teny samsarikan kureyundu.njan thudakathil vicharichirunnanthu rambo,commando,speed(speed was a good movie),thudangiya english chithrangal anu valiya chithrangal ennu.njan ente oru cousine aduthu vathorathe samsarikkumayirunnu ee chithrangale kurichu.appol pully chirichittu parayum,robert de nero enna actore patti kettitttundo?tom hanks?al pacino?
    njan tom hanks inte kurachu padam taram kandu nokku.athokkeyanu nall sinimakal allathe idiyum thozhiyum onnum alla.then i started watching i believe out of some 50 movies tom did i watched 30 :),raging bull oru vattu sinimayanu martin scorceseeyude chithrangal ellam angane yanu.pakshe denero was too good in that role and he got pacinoyude adhikam njan kandittilla.but i know he is good.pinne nammude highest oscar winner daniel day lewis.there will be bloodile oru look mathram mathi pullikku oscar kodukkan.athu sharikkum daniel plainview ayirunnu.
    pinne iranian chithrangal life is beautifull i forgot there were some beautifull movies.
    cinema paradiso it is just beautifull.nammude fahad fazil oru aramanikkur athine patti samsaricha karyam orikkal televisionil of the best movie where theatre itself is a character.
    tenykku tenyude ishatangalundakum cinema kanunnathil.i just told u this much.that is all. πŸ™‚


    • I am mostly into horror movies (from Nosferatu to The Conjuring), the ones concerning death, afterlife and the fiction-fantasy stuff which has an idea or thought (themes like government control, inequality, defiance, revolution, sacrifice, destiny) that I can work on. I have watched the Italian Life is Beautiful & liked it πŸ™‚
      Add Jack Nicholson to that list, with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest & The Shining.
      I shall look for Cinema Paradiso somtime, meanwhile, you can check Hugo, if you haven’t watched it πŸ˜€


  2. Teny also watch tom hanks saving private ryan,green mile,cast away,road to perdition.every roles different.that is what i like about him.


  3. teny can i ask you something?what you do?where are you now?where in kochi is your house?who are all there in your house?if you can tell me i won’t compell you.


  4. you studied some things related to cinema like visual media or something?don’t worry you have a lot of talent and soon you will get a job


  5. teny oru doubt undu.oralude comment ayal ente bloginte comments linkil click cheyyumbol mathram ayalku kananam. mattullavarkku kanan sathikakruthu.possible?
    pranitha said it is possible if she clicks unapprove button.but in that case i have to login to wordpress so that my comment will be under’your comment is
    awaiting moderation’ right?can you do me a favour-click here,
    can you see my comment.


  6. teny njan sathyam parayam oru divasam pranita njanitta oru nalla comment ittilla(vereyuum bengaline patti okke chodhichiituu onnum paranjilla).enikku deshyam vannappol njan comment cheythu ‘vere arenkilum aanenkil vaayil pallu kanillayirunnnu ennu’.pinne sorry paranju ellam solve aaki.pakshe ippazhum topicum ayittu bandhapedatha scoolile karyangalo angane enthenkilum jan comment cheythal enikku vishamam thonniyal chilathu njan delete cheyyan parayum chilathu delete cheyyilla she says no one except me can see that.i still believe that is not possible without me logging into understood everything?


    • The unapprove button works though; Try checking after clicking a comment unapprove and approving it later. Athu randu perku mathrame unapproved aayirikkumbol kaanaan pattu…the commentor and the owner of the blog.


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