WWE Champs! (+)

Risen out of my wish to share my favourite WWE and former WCW stars here, even as I don’t really watch wrestling shows any more, and this one is rooted in childhood. This list was made after I saw a similar list on imDb. Well, WWE shows are not further away from the movies, and these performers are undoubtedly great actors as they have shown not only in professional wrestling, but also in movies.

I. The Undertaker {Pic I as World Heavyweight Champion}
II. The Rock
III. Jeff Hardy {Pic II as WWE Champion}
IV. Trish Stratus
V. Kane
VI. Triple H
VII. Randy Orton
IX. Shawn Michaels
X. Tiffany
XI. Rosa Mendes
XII. Kelly Kelly
XIII. Maria Kanellis
XIV. Layla {Pic III as Divas Champion}
XV. Rey Mysterio
XVI. April Hunter
XVII. Michelle McCool
XVIII. Candice Michelle {Pic IV as Women’s Champion}
XIX. Brock Lesnar
XX. Último Dragón
XXI. Summer Rae
XXII. Stephanie McMahon
XXIII. Melina
XXIV. Dave Batista
XXV. Kaitlyn


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