Well Remade! (+)

Forget what the critics say, as this is the best of those remakes which is good enough to bring awesomeness to the movie-watching experience. This time is the charm, even though the first time might have also been charm enough or not. There would be no disrespect to the original though, as there wouldn’t have been these without them.

I. The Italian Job 2003
II. Ocean’s Eleven 2001
III. Star Trek 2009
IV. Freaky Friday 2003
V. The Last House on the Left 2009
VI. My Bloody Valentine 2009
VII. Planet Of The Apes 2001
VIII. Friday the 13th 2009
IX. Dawn of the Dead 2004
X. Shutter 2004
XI. King Kong 2005
XII. Total Recall 2012
XIII. Halloween 2007
XIV. Piranha 2010
XV. The Taking of Pelham 123 2009
XVI. Around the World in 80 Days 2004
XVII. Taxi 2004
XVIII. Sorority Row 2009
XIX. Prom Night 2008
XX. Clash of the Titans 2010
XXI. Black Christmas 2006
XXII. Death Race 2008
XXIII. The Ring 2002
XXIV. The Grudge 2004
XXV. When a Stranger Calls 2006


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