Remakes Needed (-)

Some of these movies were not that good and some others went unnoticed by the viewers, or were cruelly panned by the critics. The others might find this the right moment for a remake and this is the time they can do better – may be there is so much of the need for the same.

I. Vampirella
II. Masters of the Universe
III. Red Sonja
IV. Sheena
V. Tank Girl
VI. Supergirl
VII. The Beastmaster
VIII. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
IX. Spawn
X. Elektra
XI. Daredevil
XII. DOA: Dead or Alive
XIII. Doom
XIV. The Spirit
XV. Green Lantern
XVI. BloodRayne
XVII. Blade
XVIII. The Green Hornet
XIX. Daredevil
XX. Mortal Kombat
XXI. Robocop
XXII. Dragonheart
XXIII. Fantastic Four
XXIV. Demolition Man
XXV. Outlander
*** Special Mention: Mutant Chronicles


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