Pleasant Surprises!

Includes movies which turned out to be good despite of the prejudices; like The American which was declared too slow by the word of mouth, Swimming Pool which looked less as a thriller from the cover, Femme Fatale which was attacked on many forums and most of the critically panned movies which ended up being much better or even awesome.

I. Swimming Pool
II. The American
III. Orphan
IV. Dragonheart
V. Boys Don’t Cry
VI. Event Horizon
VII. The Unborn
VIII. Femme Fatale
IX. Wild Things
X. Femme Fatale
XI. The Accused
XII. Ice Princess
XIII. Secretary
XIV. Blue Crush
XV. The Deaths of Ian Stone
XVI. After.Life
XVII. The Resident
XVIII. Chloe
XIX. Sydney White
XX. Shuttle
XXI. The Clinic
XXII. The Cell
XXIII. Strangeland
XXIV. Naked Fear
XXV. Nightmare Man

*Almost all of the movies make it to the favourites list.


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