Horror Chars! (+)

The characters of impressive horror served hot without the support of anything non-vegetarian.

I. Hannibal Lecter: Anthony Hopkins: The Silence of the Lambs {Pic I}
II. Freddy Krueger: Robert Englund: A Nightmare on Elm Street {Pic II}
III. Jason Voorhees: Derek Mears: Friday the 13th {Pic III}
IV. Michael Myers: Tyler Mane: Halloween {Pic IV}
V. ChromeSkull: Nick Principe: Laid to Rest
VI. Francis Dolarhyde: Ralph Fiennes: Red Dragon
VII. Rusty Nail: Matthew Kimbrough: Joy Ride
VIII. Pinhead: Doug Bradley: Hellraiser
IX. Jigsaw: Tobin Bell: Saw
X. Samara Morgan: Daveigh Chase: The Ring
XI. Ghostface: Roger L. Jackson: Scream
XII. Jack Torrance: Jack Nicholson: The Shining
XIII. Jacob Goodnight: Kane: See No Evil
XIV. Ben Willis: Muse Watson: I Know What You Did Last Summer
XV. Pyramid Head: Roberto Campanella: Silent Hill
XVI. Buffalo Bill: Ted Levine: The Silence of the Lambs
XVII. Victor Crowley: Kane Hodder: Hatchet
XVIII. Imhotep: Arnold Vosloo: The Mummy
XIX. Mrs. Bathory: Monika Malacova: Hostel Part II
XX. The Executioner: Ray Olubowale: Resident Evil Afterlife
XXI. Leatherface: Gunnar Hansen: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
XXII. Esther: Isabelle Fuhrman: Orphan
XXIII. Marlow: Danny Huston: 30 Days of Night
XXIV. Nemesis: Matthew G. Taylor: Resident Evil Apocalypse
XXV. Chucky: Brad Dourif: Child’s Play


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