Genre Mixed

Ten movies usually put into the wrong genre.
*Qualification: A change of genre would help these movies.

I. Carrie (2013)
Originally: Horror :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Kimberly Peirce
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore and Gabriella Wilde

The movie is a story of a girl who is bullied throughout her life, and in that manner, takes on a social cause against bullying as well as ragging. Carrie might not be that good as a remake or an adaptation, but if considered an independent attempt, it is a good watch because of Chloë Moretz and Julianne Moore making that heavy impact. Except for being mostly thrilling and throwing surprises often, its claim as a supernatural horror movie is as empty as WWE’s dearest Kane without his mask. There are a few occasions, especially when our girl discovers her superpowers and when she actually starts using, and also the end scene, but even those moments thrill more rather than frighten us. Still it should be all about what Stephen King provided rather than what the movie has attempted to add. Even as it is intellectually inferior to the original, this might still be the more enjoyable one, quicker and more interesting. The story is rushed and shown as belonging to the wrong age, but it has better creepiness even in the absence of best horror and the perfect female lead. For mor details, check my review about the same:

II. Resident Evil (2002)
Originally: Horror :: Actually: Action
Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and James Purefoy
Based on the Capcom survival horror video game series of the same name, this movie is usually considered as a horror movie, may be because there are zombies in it and they continue to eat flesh, and the game was about so much horror. To be frank, if there is any movie in this big franchise which can be considered horror, it is this one. But still, this is just an action movie if we look more into it. It does manage to somewhat scare us, but the action sequences remain the highlight of the movie, and would go on to rule the series with so many adventures full of incresible action. The movie’s heroine is Alice as she joins a number of Umbrella Corporation commandos as they try to get into an underground genetic research facility and attempt to prevent the spreading of an infection called the T-virus, which would turn humans into flesh eating zombies, and thanks to some other secret experiments, a few others become some other creatures which are worse. This is the movie which started the long series of movies, and this was indeed one of the best movies, and a fine game based movie which still got mostly negative reviews when released.

III. Striptease (1996)
Originally: Comedy :: Actually: Drama
Director: Andrew Bergman
Cast: Demi Moore, Armand Assante and Ving Rhames
This movie can fit into that drama or thrillercategory, but no not comedy. It deals with a serious situation in the not-so-comic manner. Even with all the stripping and erotic dance movies, it doesn’t really become an erotic movie though. Yes, it has those Demi Moore moments, but that rather serves the movie with the thing on which the story revolves around. This one has Demi Moore in her best time, looking better than ever – not many people will question that. She makes this her movie and hers alone as she shows so much energy clubbed with that ability to go into the character. There will be more attention to her physique than anything else, there is no denying that fact which is perfectly clear without the need for explanation, but that is still more than what meets the eye. The dramatic side of her with a child and a useless husband adds to the needed genre. The whole situation is not of erotica, it is of a thriller and a drama. There is the revelation which rather half of it. There is no real comedy, and the satirical elements are rare. One can be sure that many people would remind Demi for this role, despite its reception.

IV. Fool’s Gold (2008)
Originally: Romance :: Actually: Action Comedy
Director: Andy Tennant
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson and Alexis Dziena
I wouldn’t consider this one anything close to a romance, even as there are some romantic elements in it, but those elements come with many movies of other genres. If we take a Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil or most of the movies in Indian languages, we can see this romance as part of an action movie or even a horror movie. As this movie is no full-time romance flick, such label which grades this one and put it in there is impossible. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson give a very interesting performance despite what the critics say; and in an action comedy movie, why so much search for logic? Well, may be because it was known as more of an adventure-romance thing, and that might have been the worst thing about this. This could have been a complete comedy movie with a few adjustments, but this made it to both the adventure movies list as well as the romantic movies list, and struggled on both. Kate also looks stunning, and her comic timing wonderful. She easily outperforms everyone else in the movie, and that was indeed expected. Watch this one as a comedy movie with an action mix, and one would enjoy this further.

V. Predators (2010)
Originally: Action :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Nimród Antal
Cast: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga and Danny Trejo
This is the next best movie that has come with the same theme and setting along with the same villain, since the release of the Arnold Schwarzenneger starring original. Even as this would seem an action movie from the poster and has some good amount of shooting around, this is more of a thriller, and also a little bit of horror. But the advantage of this movie is that it works as all three, action, horror and thriller. There lies its success in a world of mixed genres. It can satisfy more than just one fan, in all three fields, it excels, but as a thriller it has more of a voice. In this movie, the characters discover that they are in some alien planet where they are kept to be hunted by some strange humanoid creatures for fun and experience. They are all from different, but yet violent background, but they face the same fate, to be hunted by these predators. These creatures have the most advanced weapons and can also boast of having a semi-invisible stealth mode. It was great to see Adrien Brody in a different role, and Alice Braga had a great screen presence as an Israeli sniper. The special effects and creature details also add to the thrills.

VI. Embrace of the Vampire (1995)
Originally: Horror :: Actually: Drama
Director: Anne Goursaud
Cast: Alyssa Milano, Charlotte Lewis and Jordan Ladd
This one has that evil, seductive vampire going after beautiful women yet again. It is that tradition which exists even upto Twilight, even as it has been horribly disfigured and made to look dumb in that one. But our movie has a rather good girl whom a vampire attempts to seduce, but resists it. The movie is completely based on this embrace of seduction and has nothing really of horror throughout it, and thats where it becomes rather a drama movie with some thrills in it, along with the erotica, which involves Alyssa Milano, the good girl going topless, with her scene with Charlotte Lewis coming up in many hottest scenes list. This movie is thus another one of those not-at-all scary vampire movies which tries to build a base on romance, eroticism, thrills, mystery, variety and a gorgeous young lady lead who seems to go beyond the inhibitions unlike the character she is playing, thanks to the dreams which sheds the clothes. If this was made known less as a horror movie, and more as most of the other genres, this could have worked better, and as far as being a horror movie is considered, this doesn’t come up with any good enough moment to frighten people. The leading actress does get rid off her clothes, but her character remains the good girl, and thats an innovation in this one, and shes too cute and therefore not to be questioned!

VII. Drive Angry (2011)
Originally: Action :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Patrick Lussier
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and Charlotte Ross
Whenever a theme like this one is around, it has to be less belonging to action, and rather of horror and thrills. Drive Angry does try to stick to the action side with a lot of things, but doesn’t really stay true to it. Meanwhile, whenever there is Amber Heard around, there is that feeling of a horror thriller, as she has been mostly known for such movies. The movie belongs to pure fun in many ways, and Nicolas Cage becomes another Ghost Rider, this time in a car. Amber Heard has quite a big and long role to play in this, and she does that with the same ease with which she worked in other horror movies. Our hero is a criminal who has broken out of hell, as an undead hunter who has to save his grand daughter from being sacrificied by a satanic cult. Meanwhile, someone is sent from hell to take the protagonist back to where he belongs. So the hero and the heroine are on a mission to take the cult down, with a strange man behind them. There is lots of fun expected and such entertainment is easily delivered right here in this movie.

VIII. The Reaping (2007)
Originally: Horror :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Alexander Witt
Cast: Hilary Swank, Idris Elba and AnnaSophia Robb
The Reaping has been horribly disfigured by the critics and very much disapproved by a good number of audience. But it doesn’t really work that badly. The movie is mysterious throughout, and its Biblical references further adds to the thrills. There is no big horror moment though, and this one goes on more as an investigative thriller with a good dose of thrills and surprises. With the river turning red, the frogs falling from the sky, lice coming up, death of the cattle, gathering of locusts etc, the plagues forms the best part of the movie, and then there is Hilary Swank who rarely fails to perform. She once again holds the movie together as the whole plot revolves around her and AnnaSophia Robb. There is a certain amount of brilliance whenever she is around, and whenever one her movies are around, I dare not to miss it. The critics were obviously expected to say bad about this movie, but the 8% at Rotten Tomatoes is highly disappointing, and might prevent a lot of people from watching this movie, and it is quite depressing for any fan of thrills and suspense.

IX. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Originally: Drama :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Cast: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Leelee Sobieski
As one of the strangest and the most mysterious movies around, this is that movie which leaves us with more questions than answers. There is a good amount of nude imagery, most of them masked, and this is in plenty. Even Leelee Sobieski makes a special entrance, in a role which is of more mystery than the rest of the movie. Now let none of these fool the regular viewer, and saying that this movie is just erotica might be as bad as calling this one a drama movie. Lets not fall into that well. All of these adds to the mystery of the movie and contributes the thrilling side. Nicole Kidman is seen in an avatar like never before, and Tom Cruise does his role with so much serenity. The movie’s mansion of rituals becomes almost the world itself which is out of control. Tom Cruise’s character makes a walk through a world which is perverted, and he himself is the better man, just not a saint. This is a thriller which is rather covered, and one has to remove that nicely prepared covering to see through it.

X. Sleeping Beauty (2011)
Originally: Drama :: Actually: Thriller
Director: Julia Leigh
Cast: Emily Browning, Rachael Blake and Mirrah Foulkes
This is something that most might wish to disagree with, but can’t. One might be easily inclined to feel that this is only about seeing Emily Browning without her clothes, but no, this is not only about that. This movie can seem to have almost nothing inside, but one also has to agree that it haunts with its mysterious nature. It is a thriller of the intellectual sort, even with the only surprises being the lighter ones. This reminds one of that old fairy tale, and while thinking about it, this so strange and disturbing in many ways, and it reminds us that, may be there is no hope for the sleeping beauty, but there is nothing much to lose for her, not even her own clothes. Another question is about how we define sleep. What does it symbolize? Emily Browning sleeping on a bed is the best image that a modern sleeping beauty can get. The movie thrills us not with what it shows, but with what it makes us think. Being the thriller of the extreme depths of mind, Emily has transformed into an image which th original sleeping beauty couldn’t.


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