My First Movies!

*Watched the first set of movies through Video Cassette/CD. Remembering them. 25 movies from the memory which set the path for them all!

I. Vampires
II. Waterworld
III. Starship Troopers
IV. The Evil Dead
V. The Entity
VI. Dracula
VII. The Terminator
VIII. Mission Impossible
IX. Species
X. Jurassic Park
XI. The Fifth Element
XII. Men In Black
XIII. Twister
XIV. Army of Darkness
XV. The Mask
XVI. Robin Hood
XVII. Home Alone
XVIII. Return of the Jedi
XIX. Spawn
XX. Batman Forever
XXI. Back to the Future
XXII. Golden Eye
XXIII. The Empire Strikes Back
XXIV. The Phantom
XXV. Baby’s Day Out

*Most of them are still in the favourites list.


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