Distress Damsels! (+)

The damsels in distress who get never gets out of the distress and are murdered early, or those damsels causing a shocking distress and quickly disappearing, but still leaving an impression. They are often left unnoticed, and remains unknown for most of the viewers, but they are as highly significant and can be considered an integral part of the movie, and adds to its popularity and the box-office collections in one way or the other.

I. Julianna Guill in Friday the 13th {Pic I}
II. Anna Hutchinson in The Cabin in the Woods {Pic II}
III. Betsy Rue in My Bloody Valentine
IV. Laura Ramsey in The Ruins
V. Lia Beldam in The Shining
VI. Kristina Klebe in Halloween
VII. Steffi Wickens in Kill Theory {Pic III}
VIII. Crystal Lowe in Wrong Turn 2 {Pic IV}
IX. Chelan Simmons in Final Destination 3
X. Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn
XI. America Olivo in Friday the 13th
XII. Terra Vnesa in Wrong Turn 4
XIII. Crystal Lowe in Final Destination 3
XIV. Deja Kreutzberg in Sorority Row
XV. Heather Matarazzo in Hostel Part II
XVI. Louise Cliffe in Wrong Turn 3
XVII. Nicole Moore in Sorority Row
XVIII. Whitney Able in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
XIX. Monika Malacova in Hostel Part II
XX. Martha MacIsaac in The Last House on the Left
XXI. Rose McGowan in Scream
XXII. Amy Lennox in Wrong Turn 5
XXIII. Taryn Manning in Kill Theory
XXIV. Melissa Price in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
XXV. Odette Annable in And Soon the Darkness


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