Favourites (Alien)

Alien Movies List

I. Alien
II. Predator
III. Event Horizon
IV. Prometheus
V. Mutant Chonicles
VI. John Carter
VII. Predators
VIII. Starship Troopers
IX. Outlander
X. Alien Resurrection
XI. Pitch Black
XII. Signs
XIII. Sphere
XIV. Transformers
XV. District 9
XVI. Avatar
XVII. Aliens
XIX. Species
XX. Ghosts of Mars
XXI. The Invasion
XXII. Alien vs. Predator
XXIII. Battleship
XXIV. Alien 3
XXV. Predator 2


One thought on “Favourites (Alien)

  1. DO you know that alien movies, War of the World?, movie sucks but the book was the first ever alien story… I forgot the name of the author of the War of the worlds but he is legendary… and I think there should be a x files movie as well…atleast I have seen Molder and Scaly and that cigarett smoking man in some movie…as kid used to watch x files so much… I even watched a roach episode, I wonder where those episodes are…long, long ago in the early and mid 1990’s I guess…time flies(:


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