Action Chars! M(+)

The action hero characters made memorable by these awesome actors.

I. Solomon: James Purefoy: Solomon Kane {Pic I}
II. V: Hugo Weaving: V for Vendetta {Pic II}
III. Logan: Hugh Jackman: X-Men
IV. T-800: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator
V. Batman: Christian Bale: Batman Begins
VI. Dutch: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Predator
VII. Dredd: Karl Urban: Dredd
VIII. Frank: Jason Statham: Transporter
IX. Constantine: Keanue Reeves: Constantine
X. Dredd: Sylvester Stallone: Judge Dredd
XI. Quaid: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Total Recall
XII. Po: Nicholas Cage: Con Air
XIII. Neo: Keanu Reeves: The Matrix {Pic III}
XIV. Marshall: James Purefoy: Ironclad
XV. Superman: Henry Cavill: Man of Steel {Pic IV}
XVI. McClane: Bruce Willis: Die Hard
XVII. Spirit: Gabriel Macht: The Spirit
XVIII. Jack: Keanu Reeves: Speed
XIX. Riddick: Vin Diesel: Pitch Black
XX. Rider: Nicholas Cage: Ghost Rider
XXI. Machete: Danny Trejo: Machete
XXII. Leonidas: Gerard Butler: 300
XXIII. Riley: Christian Slater: Broken Arrow
XXIV. Spartan: Sylvester Stallone: Demolition Man


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