Action Chars! F(+)

The action heroine characters made memorable by these awesome actresses.

I. Selene: Kate Beckinsale: Underworld
II. Alice: Milla Jovovich: Resident Evil
III. Cassandra: Olivia Thirlby: Dredd
IV. Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson: The Avengers
V. Æon: Charlize Theron: Æon Flux
VI. Invisible Woman: Jessica Alba: Fantastic Four
VII. Katniss: Jennifer Lawrence: The Hunger Games
VIII. Ripley: Sigourney Weaver: Alien
IX. Jill: Sienna Guillory: Resident Evil {Pic I}
X. Chun-Li: Kristin Kruek: The Legend of Chun-Li {Pic II}
XI. Dejah: Lynn Collins: John Carter {Pic III}
XII. Claire: Ali Larter: Resident Evil
XIII. Lara: Angelina Jolie: Tomb Raider
XIV. Babydoll: Emily Browning: Sucker Punch
XV. Rayne: Kristanna Loken: BloodRayne {Pic IV}
XVI. Tamina: Gemma Arterton: Prince of Persia
XVII. Baroness: Sienna Miller: Rise of Cobra
XVIII. Sweet Pea: Abbie Cornish: Sucker Punch
XIX. Trinity: Carrie-Anne Moss: The Matrix
XX. Catwoman: Halle Berry: Catwoman
XXI. Amber: Jamie Chung: Sucker Punch
XXII. Sartana: Jessica Alba: Machete
XXIII. Gretel: Gemma Arterton: Hansel & Gretel
XXIV. Rocket: Jena Malone: Sucker Punch


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