Madhura Naranga


Vampire Owl :: Do you know that there are three other Malayalam movies to watch as interesting choices are there?

Vampire Bat :: Yes, it is why we are standing here in the queue from the morning itself.

Vampire Owl :: Tough times, isn’t it? Malayalam movies haven’t been doing well enough since that big Premam and Ivide weekend.

Vampire Bat :: Yes, non-Malayalam movies are taking away all the glory. But this might be the weekend on which we fight back.

Vampire Owl :: But are you sure about this choice?

Vampire Bat :: Yes, even if this movie is not good enough, we will watch another movie after this and make sure that we leave for home as happy vampires.

Vampire Owl :: If the second movie is not goo too, then what will we do?

Vampire Bat :: We will watch another one. Actually there are four shows at the theatres here; 11:30, 2:30, 6:15, 9:15. We can always try four different movies today. If you are ready to go to a mall with multiplex, we can do even better.

Vampire Owl :: You are seriously trying to feed me brain damage in the form of too many movies on a day.

Vampire Bat :: I have come very close so far, haven’t I?

[Gets the tickets].

What is it about? :: After a few early minutes in Sri Lanka, the movie takes a flashback to Sharjah. Jeevan (Kunchako Boban), Salim (Biju Menon) and Kumar (Neeraj Madhav) are just three among the large number of Malayalis working in the UAE and are sharing a house. One day, as Jeevan driving his cab, he finds a girl in trouble and brings her home. The girl is Thamara (Parvathy Ratheesh), a Sri Lankan Tamil who has escaped after being trafficked from her home country. Even though she has almost killed someone while trying to escape, Jeevan is attracted to her, and decides not to let her go in spite of being aware of the consequences. They hope to arrange a fake passport and get her back to Sri Lanka, but things were only going to get further complicated.

The defence of Madhura Naranga :: There is an interesting mix of comedy, romance and drama in this one without having any overdose. The fun mostly rests with the middle part of the movie. The presence of a humane touch in the movie is interesting. The ending scenes are touching and performances are of good quality. The beauty of UAE and also Sri Lanka up-to an extent are nicely captured – I would have wished for more shots in the island country. It is also fair not to have an India-Pakistan love story here because it has been used to death in Bollywood and was also used before in Malayalam movie industry to not that much effect. There were a few claps in the end; it asserts that the ending was effective.

The claws of flaw :: This might not be exactly the kind of movie which most of the audience would be expecting. There is no full comedy movie for which our heroes here are specialized in. There are just too many songs too than needed, and there is no improvement in quality over that quantity. The basic plot could have been better developed if it had gone on among the migrant workers, and if the focus was more on the problems which they faced. Instead, they have taken the easy way out in introducing the girl. There is also no real cinematic beauty in the romance; it progresses okay, but it begins in a weak manner. May be some thrills could have been added here and there too; it is too predictable in the current form. The medium could have been better used to bring a message.

Performers of the soul :: Kunchako Boban once again plays a role which is not new to him, and his team with Biju Menon does show signs of former glory even as it is not completely there. It is not fair to expect something like Ordinary which had a full half of comedy or Seniors which was just a complete comedy movie. Biju Menon has some nice comic dialogues, and Neeraj Madhav has a few interesting ones even though not many. Parvathy Ratheesh is a good addition to the Malayalam movie industry. Even as she doesn’t have to speak even one Malayalam word in this movie, she is right there with the emotions and expressions. It will be nice to see her in roles with more variety. Suraj Venjaramoodu has a smaller, but funny character which he manages with ease. There is no struggle there.

How it finishes :: The movie which deviates from a usual Kunchako Boban-Biju Menon comedy entertainer has its biggest enemy as the rain. It has been heavy downpour throughout the day, and the audience presence was quite low. Even though they might feel strange about not getting exactly what they wanted, they can be satisfied with how the movie ends and how it manages to be emotionally strong with some fine performances, even from Parvathy Ratheesh who doesn’t really show the signs of a newcomer. The performance of this movie should depend on how the other flicks work. They could have sacrificed the overall clean stuff and the songs here for some twists and some extra comedy. They have said that this is based on a true story, but little liberties would have only made this one more engaging.

Theatre situation :: There are three other Malayalam movies challenging this one – Dileep’s Love 24X7 seems to have the crowd favourite starΒ in a different role, and Acha Din will have Mammootty trying to work in a movie which has its own difference. KL.10 Pathu has Unni Mukundan in his own new style, and he also has a new face accompanying him as the leading actress just like the other movies. All four of these movies have female faces new to Malayalam movie industry, and even though the promotions have been less, the competition is going to be very high. Baahubali stays and so does Premam. It will be a big task to battle these two movies, and the continuing presence of Minions in the multiplexes will take a portion of the family audience with them and the new Salman Khan starrer also got the high capability to attract.

Release date: 17th July 2015
Running time: 144 minutes
Directed by: Sugeeth
Starring: Kunchacko Boban, Parvathy Ratheesh, Biju Menon, Neeraj Madhav, Aparna Nair, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Niyaz Becker, Saddique


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✠ The Vampire Bat.


36 thoughts on “Madhura Naranga

  1. Nice review!!Well put are the flaws and right toppings of the good stuff,I have only watched a few malayalam movies and have found it interesting until now!Hoping to watch this one too…if sub-titles could be there!!

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  2. I am not talking academics… read the LORT real Tolkien or listen to the LORT in radio in youtube and you know that movies are waste of time and don’t so justice to real story… but ofcourse action and living out life might take precedence over books…books are such a luxury!!!…anyway

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t differentiate between academics and the rest. They are all the same as a means to know more, or imagine more.
      There are movies which I liked better than the books too. They include Interview with the Vampire and The English Patient.


  3. hmmm… have you read the Great Expectation?, to kill a mocking bird… I not seen the movie nor read the books of the two stories your mentioned… well I can say that three idiots was better than that three mistakes of my life(I have not read that) but Chetan Bhagthan I know has no literary talent…so some movies can be better than the books for sure but from what I know it is very less… movies are mostly commercial anyway to entertain masses who have low tastes, books on the other hand are for people who have better taste I guess…anyway not reading myself but would love too again. Harry Potter was way better in the books than the movie!!…much more humour in the books and many other things… and you can’t beat PG wodehouse or Yes Minister… You should watch Yes Minister I think you would love it… later become Yes Prime Minister


  4. no the brothers… they die and become ghosts and will be freed only if one of their fathers bloodline becomes king… I think this movie is very diverse has too many interesting things…bitter sweet… its amazing how ruthless suptimus goes on…and Robert De Niro(: a pirate that hates being bad and bloody so has to pretend that he is to maintain his reputation…he is caught dancing to watz unawares wearing gown…and lighten cature and there is a bargaining scene pirate bargain for that lightening stuff for 200 something… its very diverse I think very sweet for your taste… the movie is based on a adult fairytail I wanted to read): and for a fairytail it does a mature job indeed!!… I like the sky pirate, the ghosts who are stuck watching etc…overall very funny and fast paced movie with some nice romance and a clumsy heroic fight..and stars!!!… anyway

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  5. The king in the movie dies here and there is rivalvary among his sons who will become king… that person who acts as a king seems to be the same guy who acted as vampire in some dracula movie…count dracula guy so I thiught

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