ezhusundararathrikal (1)  Drishyam  oruindianpranayakatha  thehobbit2  silence  hungergames2  punyalan (2)  frozen  nadan (3)  thira  geethanjali  insidious2  monkeypen (1)  thor2 (4)  arrambam  captainphillips  rush  escapeplan  gravity  runnerrunner (1)  elysium (2)  warning  phataposterniklahero  ezhamathe_varavu  2guns  north24kaatham0  cleetus  riddick  werethemillers  percy_jackson_sea_of_monsters (1)  madrascafe (1)  memories (1)  pullipulikalum aattinkuttiyum [] (1)  thesmurfs2 (1)    thewolverine (1)  red2 (2)  whitehousedown (2)  pacificrim (1)  despicableme (1)  5 sundarikal  worldwarz (1)  manofsteel (1)  Nowyouseeme (1)  hngvr  up&down (1)  fast&furious6  Epic  aurangzeb (1)  gogoagone (5)  startrek (3)  shootoutatwadala  128639CM08.indd  thecroods  Immanuel  oblivion  commando  OHF  gijoe  amen  redwine  django  3g  LuckyStar_filmposter  Murder  oz jacky  good  celluloid  david  henselgretel


4 thoughts on “2013

    • I was looking forward to it, but there are only limited shows here, none of them of comfortable timing. Didn’t feel good after watching Besharam, and so decided to limit the number of Hindi movies further 😀


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